Love Thy Lord, not an individual

Human life never runs smooth and it is always unpredictable, uncertain and changeable. With the passage of time our life changes because our surroundings as well as our life situations change. With the result we have to face different challenges in the different stages of our life and overcome these challenges in order to survive and continue our life. There are some moments and occasions in our life when our emotions as well as our intellect is flintily challenged and we have to use our intellect judiciously during such times so that we may not go astray.
Almost all of us must have gone through a phase in our lives when we desperately fall in love with somebody to the extent that we keep our egoistic nature aside and become totally depend on the mercy of that person. We forget our own selves and that very person becomes the whole world for us and we let that person to decide our fate due to compulsive nature of our emotions.
Emotionally, this is the weakest phase of our life as we totally surrender before our emotions and our emotions incapacitate us to think normally. Sometimes we repeatedly beg for our love irrespective of the arrogant, negative or cold response of the opposite person towards us. We try our utmost to turn the attention of next person towards us regardless of his carelessness.
During such period of our life our emotions overpower our intellect and we lose our senses to such an extent that we become ready to take any false step regardless of its consequences and we slowly malign our own status and honor in our society. We flow in the flow of emotions and seldom care for negative results as our emotions can beguile us for every kind of false action during this period. When we gingerly look at the scene, we observe that none among the two persons involved can be blamed for their behavior towards each other.
Both the persons involved in the matter are creatures of Almighty and it is natural tendency of all creatures to be concerned more to oneself than towards other. One among the two falls in love because he can not control his emotions and the other treats it in careless manner as it looks an ordinary episode for him. One among the two carves his whole world in another person while as the other treats him as a common person among the millions.
The underlying reason for these actions and reactions is that God has created human beings in such a way that they can touch the skies but they can never know the secrets lying inside the hearts of their fellow beings. It is the characteristic of human nature that they can not feel the emotions lying deep inside the chest unless and until they get burst in one way or the other. Instead, it is Lord Almighty God who knows the unexpressed emotions and secrets of every human heart. If human beings would have been able to know the secrets of hearts, then love would have never got hatred in response, neither feeling of any human being would have been mistreated or brutalized by other people.
This is the one side of the story where we find the nocuous effects of falling desperately in love with a particular individual. Let us turn the page and try to know the results of falling in love with the creator of universe instead of loving a particular human being. We all are well aware about the fact that there prevails a perfect system of justice in the kingdom of Almighty God and God has promised us to reward us for our good deeds. So, there is not an iota of doubt in the fact that if we will fall in love with our Lord, we will be equally rewarded for it.
Loving our Lord is totally different from loving an individual. Loving our Lord will never lead us to vileness. Our Lord knows better the secrets and feeling of our hearts, so here our feelings are beautifully honored, properly valued and perfectly rewarded. But it is unfortunate that our emotions mislead us and instead of loving our creator and bowing our head before Him we fall in love with human beings where we have to face nothing but debasement and it finally leads to ruination of both our present life and life hereafter. We lose the peace of mind and feel frustrated when our feelings are not responded and valued by a person whom we love which in turn causes psychological and mental depression and resultantly it leads our life to the brink of destruction.
Contrary to this the love of our Lord brings peace in our lives. It is the love of our Lord which can lead us to success in this world and the world hereafter. So, it is advisable that we should never waste our life in uselessly loving a particular human being rather we should spend it in loving the creator of our life and we should always try to control our emotions and use our intellect prudentially. We need to know the actual purpose of being here in the world as everyone of us has been sent here with a purpose and we have to fulfill that very purpose.
We are supposed to be responsible for our good as well as bad deeds in this world and we have to be answerable before Almighty God on the day of judgment. So, we should spend our life in good deeds and always love our creator. We should be always thankful to Almighty God for His countless blessings. May Almighty God fill our hearts with His love and lead us to the right path.

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