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Malaysian CG visits Unity Foods so as to strengthen bilateral trade relations

KARACHI: Unity Foods Limited, a pioneer in the agribusiness sector, proudly welcomed Herman Hardynata Ahmad, the Consul General of Malaysia, to its state-of-the-art processing plants, mills, and refinery, says a Press release.
The visit underscores the robust partnership between Unity Foods and Malaysia, especially in the context of Palm Oil trade, which is pivotal for the food industry in Pakistan.
During his tour, the Consul General had an up-close look at Unity Foods’ Oil Refinery, FeedMill, and Flour Processing plant. This visit offered a unique opportunity for both parties to discuss Unity Foods’ role as the largest importer of Malaysian Palm Oil, and to explore avenues for further bilateral trade enhancements.
Unity Foods, known for its commitment to sustainability and quality, showcased its extensive operations, highlighting the scale and efficiency of its facilities. The visit was a testament to the strong and growing trade relations between Pakistan and Malaysia, particularly in the agribusiness sector.
Herman Hardynata Ahmad expressed his appreciation for the comprehensive tour and Unity Foods’ dedication to maintaining a high standard of operation.
“Unity Foods is a significant and loyal partner to Malaysia, being a major importer of Malaysian Palm Oil and other food products. This partnership is beneficial for bilateral trade, allowing both countries to thrive through mutual import and export activities. I am delighted to visit and witness Unity Foods’ impressive operations firsthand. This opens up more avenues for collaboration, aiming to support the increased usage of Palm Oil. I wish Unity Foods all the best and look forward to stronger collaboration in the future,” stated the Consul General.
Unity Foods is committed to fostering sustainable growth and strengthening its ties with international partners like Malaysia. The visit by Herman Hardynata Ahmad is a step forward in this direction, promising a future of increased cooperation and mutual benefit.

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