Managing corona


The outbreak of Covid-19 has affected the entire globe and has completely shaken the economy of the world and has caused damage that shall be remembered now in the text books and will be difficult to take it off from the mind for years to come. Be it super power or advanced countries it had same impact. The most astounding feature has been the deaths caused due to this deadly virus, it kept getting its momentum and the graph continues rising except for China which is now free from Covid-19 the country that has been the epicentre of this deadly virus. It has devastating effect in Italy, France, Spain Belgium and USA where the death toll has exceeded 39000.
The most disturbing feature of this virus is that at present there is no treatment. Several precautionary measures are being advocated throughout the world, some doctors who call themselves as experts have claimed to have found medicine but WHO has denied having prepared any vaccines for its treatment, researchers are busy and reports are there it may be by end of September something may emerge. At the same time blame game is on US is openly accusing China for its spread where as China has been the main sufferer and it has denied these absurd allegations levelled by Donald Trump, he has stopped funding of WHO as they failed to control the spread of corona and focussed their attention only on China. Trumps this action has been condemned by many countries of the world. It is so disgusting that world leaders instead sitting together and finding solution to the problem and chalking out rehabilitation plan to rescue underdeveloped countries are busy in accusing each other.
The unfortunate part of this virus is that it is highly contagious that spreads from person to person through droplets and is immediately transferred to other person when he comes in contact of corona affected person and it follows chain. To control its spread the world decided to have lock down whereby movement of people was restricted to essential needs and people were asked to stay at homes. One thing clearly stands out that no one can fight the nature. Natural calamities remain uncontrollable; they only disappear after causing maximum damage to human lives. See the effect and impact of corona virus it has stopped all types of movement between countries by air rail road and sea. It has brought devastating effect to world economy especially in under developed and poor countries Pakistan is one of them. Our economy was bleeding and government was striving hard to overcome economic crisis but suddenly we were struck by Covid-19, this has pushed us back to square one. Government has announced certain packages but these are considered in sufficient to meet people needs. When everything stands closed people with low income and daily wagers are most hit. Government is trying its best to reach them and provide free rations, but it is humanly impossible to reach every person and then there are complaints of maladministration and unfair distribution, by and large people are not happy. While this is happening we find centre and Sind government also locked down and both are politicking to score points on each other. Sind government time and again has quoted 18th amendment that bars federal government to interfere with the provincial matters. Unfortunately provincial governments forget that in spite of 18th amendment all provinces have to work in close harmony with the centre and there should be no reason for entering in to any conflict, provincial autonomy does not mean complete independence, one has to draw a line and never cross red lines.
When we talk about relaxation in lock down that means we are entering in to more dangerous situation where pandemic shall be free to cause maximum damage to human lives especially in the rural areas where people lack complete awareness as we have witnessed people without caring about their own lives putting everyone in danger for not maintaining social distance. Question arises is the government ready to control people, the answer is emphatic No. NDMA which should in advance be ready to meet any eventuality any time of the year wakes up when faced with any disaster. Traditionally we believe in adhocism
Expert doctors from all over the world are making use of social media to educate people how to combat Covid-19. To all those who are wasting time in listening advance treatment of Covid-19 are just reminded that when super power and other most advanced countries have failed to find solution of this virus how own earth so called experts are polluting the minds of people. The graph is increasing every day, in US the number of affected has crossed figure of 6 lac 85000 and death toll exceeds 35000 people. Government of Pakistan also enforced locked down half heartedly and there has been conflict between provinces and centre on lock down especially in Sind, unfortunately this conflict is taking ugly shape. The government has scummed to the pressure of ulemas and now mosques are exempted from lock down with some pre conditions that would be difficult to follow. If people can go to mosques no point in lock down anywhere else. We have seen in spite of lose control on lock down people were seen in clusters without observing social distances. What will happen due to this major relaxation difficult to predict. But it will be most appropriate to quote USA figures on corona how the chemistry changes in days. As reported US corona virus cases. February 18: 15 cases, Mar 18: 8,736 cases, April 18: 734,552 cases. Reported US corona virus deaths. February 18: 0 deaths, Mar 18: 149 deaths, April 18: 38,664. This is result of relaxation of super power to its people; they have woken up but not after great damage done to people.
The decision has been taken in Islamabad without taking on board Sind government; they have already made it clear that permission will be granted subject to fulfilment of certain SOP’s yet to be announced. The fact remains it is going to have very serious impact on society and some changes in behaviour and future living. The most difficult task will be rehabilitation of those who have become victim of mental depression. No doubt such events do compel people to make changes in their attitude life pattern while dealing with family members and outsiders. For some time every one shall be maintaining social distance. But the fact remains lock down has done tremendous well to people now they are spending more time with family, relatives and friends. Greatest advantage we derived we have become more religious, regular in prayers singly and jointly in homes. Recitation of Quran has become regular feature in homes. We all are jointly seeking forgiveness from Allah to pardon Muslims all over the world. We must shed negativity from our lives and be prepared to enter in to new world, which is friendlier and teaches us to be kind to all especially the poor. Sooner or later it will vanish, it is hoped that world must have learnt lessons to live simple life and forget about artificial life that brought destruction everywhere. Lastly world has learnt a lesson that they can all live in peace.

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