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Managing process & controlling elections

Political leaders belonging to different parties are all out in the field to contact voters to get their support. At the same time some anchors are busy in projecting the candidate whose all sins have been washed off but getting lukewarm response except arranged people to say what they want to hear. This is an information age no amount of restrictions can obstruct flow of information. Due to wide awakening of the people about the value of their votes things are not only getting difficult for the alleged backed up candidate but also taking ugly turns. People by and large have become much wiser than their leaders as a result it has become difficult for leaders to have clean walk even in their own constituency, that is major reason of crying for postponement of elections. In recent past many incidents have been reported where former leaders belonging to noon league when went to their constituency to gain voters favor were not only badly hooted and were rescued with difficulty. This should be an eye opener for all the leaders of all the political parties. Anyone who is relying on the help of administration may face tough resistance this time from general public as they all appear to be on one page and may not allow any type of manipulation or rigging.ECP with his staff and forces deployed to maintain law and order must ensure smooth polling and stay absolutely neutral for their own good and that is the only way elections can be held smoothly. Voters to ensure following
1. Before going for the polling stations get details of your Polling station by sending number of your CNIC at 8300 that shall reply you with your polling details
2. Polling time is from 8 AM to 6PM or as notified by ECP.Try to reach polling station before time
3. As you enter polling station area you will find law enforcement personnel who will guide to see voters list and polling both. Recheck your name and polling booth number and move towards your polling booth number
4. Stand in Queue with CNIC in your hand and wait for your turn
5. In the booth you will find polling officer. Who will check your original CNIC and verify it with photograph as it appears on the electoral role placed at the polling station. He will call your name so that polling agents of various political parties sitting inside can score of your name to avoid double voting
6. After getting ok from the polling agents, the polling officer will mark your thumb with a non-erasable ink and obtain your thumb impression on the electoral rolls as proof that you have exercised your right to vote.
7. You will now turn to the person next to the polling officer called Assistant Presiding Officer. He will provide you two ballot papers one for NA and the second for PA and get thumb impression on counterfoil. Make sure back side of the ballot papers are signed by assistant presiding officer.
8. Go to hidden place already marked inside the booth stamp your choice on candidate symbol, fold it ensuring ink is dry before folding. Fold it and put the ballot papers in the two boxes green for NA and white for PA kept for the purpose and move out and go back to your home or business. Under no circumstances the voter should be allowed to stay in the polling station area
Next question is how to maintain discipline and order at the polling station. Adequate law enforcement people are there who shall ensure smooth voting process. For better and smooth polling
1. Voters should make single file with CNIC in their hands starting from polling station to polling booth
2. Likewise woman should also make separate line to enter in to polling booth
3. A counter should be placed in each booth the moment ballot paper is handed over to voter the button pressed and the number appears on the counter board fixed on the wall as we witness in the banks. This shall give you exact number of votes polled in the polling booth.
Once voting time is over and all voters have cast their votes exact number is in front of you. Now seal is broken and votes counted the total votes cast must tally with the counter total. Result compiled signed by all polling agents of the political parties present in the polling both. Photo taken and flashed to media for information of the people. Let us prove to the world that Pakistanis are as good as other countries of the world and can hold free fair and transparent elections. Any departure from above shall prove disastrous and harmful for the country