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Many countries in world have income dispartities but we top them all: Ateeq

KARACHI: Ateeq Ur Rehman (Economic & Financial Analyst) has said that many countries in the world have income disparities but we have a huge income disparity, too. The biological disparity, visional disparity and gender disparity is prevailing therefore the poverty is rising continuously, says a Press release.
On the other hand Inflation is at peak here. We had 40% poverty in Pakistan, towering raise in utility tariffs is pushing hundreds of thousands of average income earners below the poverty line. It has brought down the majority middle class to lower class.
Moreover, we have huge wastage of resources as according to estimates, an individual on average waste 65 kgs food per annum and we as a national waste 36 million tons of food per annum. Talking of disparity and inflation, we instead of controlling it, which is increasing day by day?
He added that we need to have a policy frame work to overcome our poverty, focus on earnings and reinforcing the Economy.
We need to mobilize $25 billion of FDI in Pakistan mostly in agriculture sector to become “The Big Picture” of world’s largest producer of rice, cotton, wheat and other natural resources. In past, Pakistan has survived massive Economic Challenges like COVID Crisis and Floods. Pakistan has the potential to do great again, said Ateeq.
The acquisitions of skills and investment in human capital particularly should be the prime objective of the authorities and government.

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