Masses throw away culture of corruption

The results of general elctions2018 have been announced. The PTI led by Imran Khan has won the majority seats of the national assembly. He will form the Government in the centre either independent or with the help of independent candidates. The victory of Imran Khan in the general elections has sent shock waves to India whose media was openly favouring Nawaz Sharif. Perhaps the set back to Nawaz Sharif in the general elections was his link with India to promote his personal business and investment but not that of Pakistan. During his tenure he never condemned Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir where half a million Indian troops equipped with latest lethal weapons has been killing innocent Kashmiris and forcing them to accept Indian occupation, but all these brutal tactics of India to suppress the freedom movement in Indian held Kashmir have miserably failed. Mr Nawaz Sharif did not condemn the activities of Indian spy Gulboshan (now arrested by the law enforcing agencies of Pakistan) who was responsible for terrorist activities and mass murder in Baluchistan. Meanwhile, he invited Indian prime minister at his residence without consulting the stockholders and discussed the matter relating to his investment in India besides some secret talks not favourable to Pakistan. Thus his personal love for India led his defeat in the recent elections. However the general elections 2018 were free and fair. The turnout of the voters was huge more than fifty percent. The youth of Pakistan fully participated in the elections and majority of them vote d for Imran khan now the undisputed leader of Pakistan. The credit for holding free and transparent elections goes to the Election Commission of Pakistan which was assisted by the jawans of Pakistan army as well police. All major political parties had requested the Government to deploy army during polling to ward off terrorists attacks. The Army performed its duty very well and assisted the old and ailing voters to guide them to the polling booth. The people of Pakistan owe thanks to the law enforcing agencies primarily to the Pakistan army as well rangers for helping conduct peaceful elections 2018.
However Muslim league N and some other political parties have express their reservations to accept the results of the elections and might create law and order situation in near future to vent their frustration of defeat but I think the people of Pakistan will not support them rather oppose their activities as now Pakistan cannot afford the luxury of protest and violence, the economy of Pakistan needs peaceful conditions to develop as well to invite foreign investment to generate employment. Imran Khan as a Prime Minister has to tackle corruptions and induct people with good reputations at key positions to stabilise the country. Since Nawaz Sharif and his cronies have indulged in massive corruption pushing Pakistan in culdesac, it will be Hercules task for Imran Khan to bring about change and eliminate corruption and lack luster attitude of the bureaucracy. Any how all the good luck for Imran khan for waging struggle against corruption and challenging the forces of status quo.

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