Mastung blast

As the elections are nearing the terrorist activities are on rise, first it was in Khabarpukktonkhwa and second in Mastung where a rally headed by siraj Raisani was attacked by suicide bomber killing atleast 130 people at the spot, Mr Raisani was also killed.The terrorist attack was condemned not only in Pakistan but all over the world, the chinese and german leadership were deeply hurt, these leaders expressed their sympathy with the martyred and pledged their support at this hour of extreme uncertainty in Pakistan.

Mastung as every one knows is the epicenter of terrorists of all hue and colour and have links with India and Afghistan.Both India and Afghanistan have been waging proxy war against Pakistan since the induction of Mr Modi as prime minister of India, he (mr Modi) is himself an extremist involved in the killing of muslims in 2002 in Indian jugrat.

Before the indian elections the USA government had declared Mr Modi as terrorist and was denied us visa, now he is a blue eyed boy of USa waging proxy war against Pakistan and promoting cold war in south Asia.It is said about the attack that the terrorists had come from Afghanistan and had active links with some persons who facilited them to carry out this henous crime.Late mr Siraj was the active supporter of the Federation and was actively engaging youth of Baluchistan to take advantage of education , jobs and other facilities offered by the provincial and federal government to develop baluchistan to bring it at par with other provinces of pakistan.

He made the largest flag of Pakistan on Pakistan day ie August 14 and organized a foot ball match for the youth of Mastung.Such activities of late siraj Raisani was disliked by the anti Pakistan elements in the area and decided to eliminate him during the elction rally.

However it is very unfortunate that some political figures in Baluchistan are in hand glove with terrorists and want to destablise the country as well peaceful development of cpec which will soon generate immense economic opportunities in and around gwadar.

Every one in Baluchistan knows these political elements inimical to Pakistan but weak implementation of policies to curtail the anti Pakistan activities of these elements have encouraged them to work against the interest of Federation.However the elections 2018 will take place as per schedule to elect a government of the people and solve the problems faced by the mas ses.

The terrorists will not deter the spirit of Pakistani people, who despite all odds and hurdles, will participate in the election to bring about change under the new government for the betterment of pakstani people.

Meanwhile the law enforcing agencies have to be extra cautious and vigilant to nab the terrorists before they act and unleash destruction as it happened in Mastung.

It is be mentioned here that the secretary of the election commission Mr Yaqoob Babar had already warned through press that the terrorists will attack election rallies to createfear that might lead to the postponement of the elections , but the caretaker government did not pay any heed to his warning with the result that the terrorists were successful to kill more than 150 people and injuring countless men and children.Now only few days are left when the nation will go to elect the new government, which hopefully, will solve huge problems faced by the nation.

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