Media women’s 2-day learning trip to Gadani Ship Breaking Industry

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KARACHI: Owing to ineffective and disinterested policy making and legislation by Federal and provincial governments, Gadani Ship Breaking is going through worst crises and financial crunch, not witnessed in last 5 decades. Lack of coordination between central and provincial government and lack of interest from incompetent local authorities like Balochistan Development Authority and Balochistan Revenue Authority, bureaucracy protecting their vested interests have brought ship breaking industry on brink of disaster.
These authorities have collected billions of revenue in terms of taxes but in return have not facilitated the industry through providing proper infrastructure, utilities and security. All these factors have greatly contributed to make Prime Minister Housing scheme a complete failure since GSBI could easily fulfill the requirements of providing quality construction steel and iron at cheaper rates, if the said industry is being supported with favourable and consistent policies and ownership of Federal government.
These facts were disclosed by the Pakistan Ship Breakers Association (PSBA), when a 14-member delegation of Pakistan council of media women (PCMW), headed by renowned and active journalist Humaira Motala, visited the ship breaking site at Gadani in district Lasbela for learning purpose of female journalists.
The 2-day visit was organised by Lasbela-based journalist and focal person of GSBI, Manzoor Hussain Angaria. Pakistan Ship Breaking Association office-bearers, Vice Chairman SI Ahmedullah, Hon General Secretary Asif Ali Khan and members Executive Committee, Members Farukkh Panjwani and Amir Sattar were present on the occasion.
After a thorough and detailed visit of breaking yard, PSBA gave comprehensive briefing regarding grave issues faced by the industry. While briefing the delegation, vice chairman Ahmedullah, honored with Sitara-e-Imtiaz, said that since its establishment in 1968, GSBI remained champion in ship breaking industry for
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