Messenger of mercy for mankind


Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), is known universally as “Rahmat ul lil A’alameen”, meaning blessings for all humanity, irrespective of caste, color, creed or country and blessings for all creatures, insects, plants and animals.
That means Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as messenger of love, peace, solace, help, salvation, bliss, joy and happiness for all mankind and all the worlds.
Muslims the world over believe with heart and soul and in letter and spirit in the role model of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh’s) life, sayings and practices for blessings and bounties of ALLAH here and hereafter.
Life and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) also have a soul-searching, mind-boggling and heart-touching influence on non-muslims beyond boundaries, continent after continent and the world at large.
IMAGINE the unique and overwhelming influence of Islam when even Adolf Hitler, respected only one personality: Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and admired only one religion: Islam.
The famous Roman Emperor labeled as “Hercleus the great” confided that if he were born in Prophet Muhammad (pbuh’s) times, he would have lived amid and under his very live blessings.
Sir Thomas Carlyle, among acclaimed men of letters, confessed that the very word Muhammad (pbuh) is voice of the divine and that rest is air and smoke.
French “hero and all-time great”, Napolean Bonaparte was convinced when he said that the best religion is that of Muhammad “pbuh”, son of a blessed, proud, Abdullah.
Among well-known philosophers of yesteryears, Leo Tolstoy predicted the message of Muhammad (pbuh) spreading the world over and Lord Bernard Shaw predicted overwhelming Islamic influence for all over Europe.
Mahatma Karamchand Gandhi and Jawaral Lal Nehru, broke the silence of their hearts and minds to confess and convince of the purity and truth behind Prophet Muhammad “pbuh’s” divine message for humanity at large.
See how overwhelmingly Alphonse de Lamartine, famous French politician and writer described
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh):
” Never has a man accomplished in such a short time such an immense and long lasting revolution in the world, since less than two centuries after his predication, Islam, preaching and armed, ruled over three Arabias, and conquered to God’s unity Persia, the Khorasan, Transoxania, Western India, Syria, Egypt, Ethiopia, and all the known continent of Southern Africa, many islands of the Mediterranean, Spain and part of Gaul.
If the grandeur of the aim, the smallness of the means, the immensity of the results are the three measures of a man’s genius, who would dare humanly compare a great man of modern history with Muhammad?
This man not only moved armies, legislation, empires, peoples, dynasties, millions of men over a third of the inhabited globe; but he also moved ideas, beliefs, souls. He founded upon a book, of which each letter has become a law, a spiritual nationality embracing people of all languages and races; and made an indelible imprint upon this Muslim nation, for the hatred of false gods and the passion for the God, One and Immaterial.
Philosopher, orator, apostle, legislator, warrior, conqueror of ideas, restorer of a rational dogma for a cult without imagery, founder of twenty earthly empires and of one spiritual empire, this is Muhammad ” pbuh.
The divine truth behind the message of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the Messiah for and salvation of all mankind, is inexpressible in words to write and incalculable to express. Here actions are judged by intentions of profound promise, purity and piety.