Metro Matters 10-12-2018

All time controversial elections of Arts Council Karachi!

All time controversial elections of Arts Council Karachi

All time controversial elections of Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi are expected to be held on December 23 2018, this time Elections are being held after two years due to disputed change in bye-laws of the Arts Council two years back. Ahmed Shah who remained blue-eyed of the ruling party of Sindh occupied the Arts Council from last 10 years, during this period genuine persons belonging to arts and culture are not able to get membership of the Arts Council while during the same period of Ahmed Shah, memberships of Arts Council has been increased in thousands most of whom are illiterate, his family and friends, relatives and even employees of Arts Council. Ahmed Shah and company had all set this to win elections for their favorites through fake membership. It is surprising to know that according to media reports since 2015 a case regarding mala fide practices in arts council has been filed in NAB Sindh.
When asked Mubasher Mir, President Karachi Editors Club (KEC) and a member of Arts Council said that he is once again expecting forthcoming controversial elections as the Arts Council is being run in a dictatorial manner and lacks of democratic norms. He said memberships that have given tenures to Ahmed Shah group repeatedly is questionable and needs scrutiny. He requested to Commissioner Karachi that membership’s scrutiny must be arranged by formation of a impendent committee before forthcoming election and moral ethics and values should be formed and followed accordingly by all concerned.

Cinepax joins hands with SOS Village

Cinepax Limited, Pakistan’s leading family entertainment company joins hands with SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan. The CEO of Cinepax, Ms. Maryam El Bacha and the National Director of SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan, Ms. Saba Faisal signed a memorandum of understanding.
The MoU will help to promote the work of SOS for the abandoned children. Ms. Saba Faisal welcomed this collaboration and observed that this relationship would help augment the social outreach and strengthen their donor base and supporters.
Cinepax will support the cause which fuels SOS effort. Every donation made or every minute spared will help in making a difference in the lives of millions of children from the marginalised communities across Pakistan. With the challenges nationally and internationally, there is no way at all that one sector alone can do it. When you get it together, you get incredible results.

Bahria Town employees negotiate

The employees and contractors of Bahria Town, who had blocked the Super Highway while protesting against non-payment of salaries Saturday, ended their demonstration after six hours of negotiations with the police and provincial authorities.
The protesters had blocked the Super Highway between Karachi and Hyderabad over non-payment of dues. Traffic was blocked on both sides of the highway for several hours. The protesters had also blocked the link road to the National Highway from Kathore, Gadap.
Bahria Town residents, contractors, builders and employees were all part of the protest who appealed to the Chief Justice and the Prime Minister to resolve their issue.

PIA passengers face trouble

PIA passengers  face trouble

Some staff members of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and certain travel agents have reportedly been involved in defrauding passengers as complaints have surfaced of people travelling in place of those who had booked their seats first.
According to sources in the airline, some travel agents have been selling confirmed seats and certain staff members are involved in boarding others in place of those passengers who had initially made the reservations.
When the passengers who initially made the reservations reach the airport, they find out that someone else has used the ticket on another sector, sources elaborated.
“Instead of helping these passengers out, PIA staff urges them to buy new tickets,” the sources added.
Renowned optician Dr Imran Ghayoor faced a similar issue on December 7 when he reached the Karachi airport to board his flight for Lahore. The optician was told that his ticket that he purchased through a travel agent on November 24 had already been used.
Dr Ghayoor said his brother also recently faced a similar issue when he was flying from Islamabad to Karachi and was forced to buy a new ticket.
Sources explained, “It is impossible to change the flight and sector numbers without the help of PIA staff”.

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