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Metro Matters By Manzar Naqvi 08-08-2023

Inauguration ceremony for linking Old Clifton Road to the Shahra-e- Imam Khomeini (R.A.)


Karachi Mayor, Barrister Murtaza Wahab, and Iranian Foreign Minister Dr. Hussein Amir Abdollahian jointly inaugurated the Shahra-e-Imam Khomeini at a ceremony held in Karachi during the reported week. The event was attended by officials from the Iranian Consulate and other dignitaries, celebrating the historical ties between Pakistan and Iran.
However, during the ceremony, there was an unfortunate error in the spelling of Imam Khomeini’s name on the plaque. Instead of “Shahra-e-Imam Khomeini,” it was mistakenly written as “Shahra-e-Imam Khumaini,” causing embarrassment for both nations. As a mayor, Murtaza Wahab should have ensured the accuracy of the name, either by confirming it from reliable sources like the Iranian Consulate or by conducting a simple Google search.
This oversight reflects poorly on the competence and attention to detail of the politicians in our country. While the ceremony aimed to strengthen bilateral relations, such avoidable mistakes cast a shadow on the event’s significance. The misspelling of a world-renowned figure like Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, is regrettable and should have been prevented.

Conference on economic,investment opportunities between Iran & Pakistan

The “Economic and Investment Opportunities between Iran and Pakistan” conference took place during the reported week, with Dr. Hossein Abdollahian, the Foreign Minister of Iran, as the chief guest. Despite the potential significance of the event, it started almost two hours late, commencing at 4:45 PM instead of the scheduled 3:00 PM. This disregard for timeliness raises concerns about its impact on potential opportunities and participants’ interests.
The delay in starting the conference also reflects poorly on the punctuality of the government officials and politicians involved. To achieve productive and successful diplomatic engagements, accuracy, professionalism, and punctuality must be prioritized by our political leaders, especially during events of such importance. Strengthening ties between nations demands responsible actions and attention to detail, which were evidently lacking in this ceremony.
It is crucial that our politicians and government officials be held accountable for their actions and that we demand a higher standard of conduct when representing our country on the international stage. Only by upholding these values can we truly foster a conducive environment for meaningful economic and investment collaborations between Iran and Pakistan.

Romantic comedy serial’Fairy Tale’ Season 2 is back with strong charm

Brace yourselves for the much-anticipated return of the endearing and delightful romantic comedy serial, ‘Fairy Tale’. HUM TV’s hit show has garnered an overwhelming fan following with its enchanting storyline, lovable characters and humorous twists. Following the resounding success of its first season, “Fairy Tale” is all set to captivate audiences once again with its highly anticipated second season, continuing the heartwarming tale from exactly where it left off.
Audiences across the nation were instantly charmed by the series, eagerly tuning in to witness the unfolding of a delightful love story. Directed by the talented Ali Hassan and written by the brilliant Sarah Majeed, the show effortlessly weaved together an engaging narrative that resonated deeply with viewers.
In the first season, “Fairy Tale” introduced us to Umeed, a young and spirited character portrayed with incredible grace by the talented Sehar Khan. Breaking stereotypes, Umeed pursued her dreams with unwavering determination, inspiring audiences and rooting for her success. The chemistry between Umeed and the charismatic Farjad, played by the brilliant Hamza Sohail, added a sprinkling magic to the show, making hearts flutter with their endearing on-screen moments.
Now, as the second season gears up for its grand return from the reported week on HUM TV with a mega episode, viewers can expect a whirlwind of emotions, laughter and unexpected turns. ‘Fairy Tale’ Season 2 promises to build upon the foundations of its predecessor, diving deeper into the lives of Umeed, Farjad and the lovable ensemble cast. With a seamless continuation of the captivating narrative, the show guarantees an unforgettable rollercoaster ride of romance, humour and delightful surprises.
Produced under the banner of Momina Duraid Productions, Fairy Tale 2 boasts a stellar cast comprising Hamza Sohail, Sehar Khan, Aena Khan, Adnan Raza Mir, Saleem Sheikh, AmnaYousuf, Saman Ansari, Salma Hassan, Hina Rizvi, Tehseen Wajahat Chishti, Rahat Ghani and others.

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