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Metro Matters by Manzar Naqvi 12-12-23

Heroic Rescue: Muhammad Aamir Baladi’s courage amidst RJ Mall Fire

Metro Matters
Manzar Naqvi

During the reported week, TFD News, a YouTube channel affiliated with The Financial Daily, extended a heartfelt invitation to recognize and honour the exceptional courage of Muhammad Aamir Baladi. Adil Ashary from the USA, deeply moved by Aamir’s bravery, and graciously proposed a commendable reward of Rupees one hundred thousand as a token of appreciation.
This recognition not only pays tribute to Aamir’s heroic actions but also acknowledges the tremendous risks he undertook to save lives during a devastating fire that engulfed RJ Mall on Rashid Minhas Road in Karachi.
Aamir Baladi, a true hero and a dedicated employee at Media Pulse Advertising in Karachi, played a pivotal role in rescuing approximately 25 individuals during the fire at R.J. Shopping Mall near Dalmia. His extraordinary deeds caught the attention of Adil Ashary, a board member of The Financial Daily from the USA, who first learned of Amir’s heroism through the “Zra Hut Kay” program on Dawn News TV, hosted by Wusatullah Khan. In this program, Muhammad Aamir eloquently recounted the harrowing event, detailing how he successfully rescued people, including his own son Subhan, aged 21.
Amir’s distinction in acts of exceptional courage during the fire incident at RJ Mall was officially recognized in a Press release issued by Media Pulse. As flames rapidly consumed the upper floors of the Mall, trapping around 25 individuals, including Aamir’s son Abdul Subhan, the situation became dire. Subhan’s urgent call to his father seeking help set the stage for a remarkable display of heroism.
In response to the distress call, Aamir, an air-conditioner technician, not only alerted the fire brigade but also volunteered to unlock the lift, providing crucial access to the upper floors. Collaborating with a firefighter, Aamir ascended the fire brigade’s ladder, demonstrating remarkable composure as he quickly opened the lift door, breaking the glass with a hammer to facilitate a rapid and safe evacuation. Using an axe, Aamir and the firefighter skillfully breached the grill, executing a daring rescue mission that included saving a girl with the aid of a cutter.
Upon reaching the fourth floor, thick smoke enveloped their surroundings, intensifying the challenges of breathing and visibility. Undeterred by these perilous conditions, Aamir and his firefighting companion pressed on, guiding all the trapped individuals on that floor to safety through the same route they had used to access the building.
Reflecting on the ordeal, Aamir recounted the overwhelming smoke, even with protective masks. Despite initially encountering sealed routes in the chaotic situation, they demonstrated resilience, breaking through obstacles and leading everyone to safety outside the building.
In the midst of the chaos, Muhammad Aamir’s quick thinking and unwavering bravery emerged as a beacon of hope. His selfless and determined efforts to rescue those trapped inside the blazing building showcased an extraordinary level of courage. Despite the imminent danger from smoke and flames, Aamir’s resolve to save lives stood as a testament to his heroism, earning him well-deserved praise and admiration from both the local community and authorities. His actions serve as a poignant reminder of the extraordinary valor that ordinary individuals can display in times of crisis.
It is essential to note that the government has filed an FIR for the fire incident at Gulshan-e-Johar Shopping Mall, reporting 11 lives lost and five individuals sustaining injuries in this tragic event. The impact of Aamir’s courageous act resonates even more profoundly within the context of this heartbreaking loss, highlighting the crucial role played by individuals like him in the face of calamity.