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Metro Matters By Manzar Naqvi 24-10-2023

Metro Matters
Manzar Naqvi

Russian Ambassador to Pakistan Ganich condemns Israeli govt’s disproportionate use of force against Palestinian civilians

The Pakistan council on Foreign Relations (PCFR), a distinguished Karachi-based think tank, recently hosted a dinner in honour of Russian Ambassador to Pakistan, Danila Ganich. The event centered on the theme of “Pakistan-Russia Relations and Russia’s Role in the Evolving Global Dynamics” and featured an interactive session.
The gathering took place in Karachi at the residence of Ahsan Mukhtar Zubairi, the Secretary General of the PCFR, and included prominent speakers who shed light on the crucial dynamics of this geopolitical relationship. Notably, several Consul Generals from different countries in Karachi attended, including those from Iran, Turkey, Oman, China and Russia, among others. Elite members of the business community and media were also present.
The hosts of this exclusive ceremony extended a warm welcome to the attendees, followed by a sumptuous dinner. Mrs. and Ahsan Zubairi graciously received and saw off the distinguished guests.
Danila V. Ganich, the esteemed Ambassador of the Russian Federation, and Ambassador Qazi M. Khalilullah, former Pakistani Ambassador to Russia, graced the session with their profound insights. The event commenced with a cordial welcome from Zubair Tufail, the Co-Chief Patron of PCFR, who greeted the attendees and provided a brief overview of the Council’s initiatives and activities.
In his opening remarks, Zubair Tufail emphasized Russia’s enduring status as a global powerhouse, highlighting its vast geographical expanse, abundant energy resources, advanced nuclear capabilities, and its coveted permanent seat at the United Nations Security Council. He articulated that, given these exceptional attributes, Russia holds a pivotal role in shaping contemporary global dynamics.

Ambassador Khalilullah, who also served in Russia, underscored the strong foundation of mutual respect and trust characterizing the relationship between Pakistan and Russia. He emphasized that Russia has played a pivotal role in fostering an enabling environment that has sustained bilateral relations based on mutual interests. This has been evident through significant high-level military exchanges, trade agreements in the energy sector, and collaborative efforts to enhance food security.
Additionally, Ambassador Khalilullah addressed the ongoing crisis and instability in Afghanistan, urging Russia to play a constructive role in facilitating peace negotiations. He stressed the importance of expanding economic cooperation, particularly in the areas of liquefied natural gas (LNG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and electricity, as means to promote stability and development in the region.
Danila Ganichin his address acknowledged the positive trajectory of Russia-Pakistan relations, emphasizing their organic evolution. He expressed Russia’s unequivocal commitment to fostering collaboration and establishing an equal partnership for the mutual benefit of both nations. Ambassador Ganich stressed the need for an enhanced role by the Pakistani government in driving economic cooperation initiatives, as well as advocating for the development of independent payment structures to facilitate smoother transactions.

Ambassador Ganich also strongly condemned the Israeli government’s disproportionate use of force against Palestinian civilians in retaliatory actions. He reaffirmed Russia’s unwavering call for an immediate ceasefire and the urgent provision of humanitarian assistance to alleviate the suffering in the affected regions.
In his closing remarks, Ambassador Hasan Habib, Chairman PCFR, commended Ambassador Ganich’s insightful remarks and expressed optimism about the full realization of the potential in Pakistan-Russia relations for the mutual benefit of both nations.
Ahsan Mukhtar Zubairi, Secretary General of the PCFR, presented commemorative souvenirs to the distinguished guests, symbolizing the enduring friendship between the two countries.
This interactive session organized by the PCFR served as a platform for in-depth discussions on the multifaceted aspects of Pakistan-Russia relations and how Russia’s involvement influences the evolving global landscape. Participants had the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogues, exploring the strategic significance of this bilateral relationship and its implications for the global order.
Key points of discussion included Russia’s global influence and its pivotal role in shaping contemporary geopolitics, as well as the need for expanded economic cooperation and efforts to promote stability, particularly in the context of Afghanistan.
Overall, the event showcased the promising trajectory of Pakistan-Russia relations and the potential for a mutually beneficial partnership, with both nations working together to address regional and global challenges.

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