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Metro Matters by Manzar Naqvi 26-12-2023

Mahesar presides over Masooma-e-Sindh Bibi Maham (SA) Conference

Metro Matters
Manzar Naqvi

The land of Sindh has the honor of providing refuge not only to the oppressed family of the Prophet Muhammad (SAAW) but also has witnessed repeated military campaigns in reward for sheltering them. After the tragedy of Karbala, the first to grace this land was Lady Ruqaiya, the daughter of Imam Ali (AS), followed by the great-grandson of Imam Hasan (AS), Syed Abdullah Shah Ghazi, and then the daughter of Imam Musa Kazim (AS), Lady Khadija, also known as Bibi Maham (SA). Her sacred resting place, known is located in the Agham Kot area of Badin district, Sindh.
It was disclosed in a “Masooma-e-Sindh Bibi Maham, Syyida Khadija (SA) daughter of Imam Musa Kazim (AS) and Mowadat-e-Ahly Bait (AS) Conference” orgainsed by Karachi Editors Club (KEC) in association with Auqaf Department Government of Sindh on Saturday.
Provincial Secretary of Auqaf, Religious Affairs, Zakat and Ushar in Sindh, Munawar Ali Mahesar, Culture Attaché and Director of the Iranian Cultural Center Karachi Dr. Saeid Talibinia, along with senior and renowned journalists Nazir Leghari, Agha Shirazi, Manzar Naqvi, Mubasher Mir, prominent researcher and author Zawar Abdul Sattar Dars, General Secretary of Jafari Alliance Pakistan Syed Shabbar Raza Rizvi, Trustee of Imam Bargah Shah-e-Najaf Martin Road Karachi, Allama Syed Amaar Shah Naqvi, Secretary of Religious Affairs Committee for the Shrine of Bibi Maham (SA) in Agham Kot, Zawar Niaz Hussain Leghari, Brigadier Karar Hussain, and others spoke on the occasion at the Muhammad Ibrahim Joyo Auditorium of Liaqat Memorial Library in Karachi.

They emphasized that despite the best service of Auqaf Department the shrine of “Masooma-e-Sindh” Bibi Maham (SA) need some facilities for the numerous visitors, leading to severe difficulties for pilgrims. Therefore, concerted efforts should be made to provide essential amenities for the Zaireen-e-Dargah. Speakers also emphasized for the early construction of Dargah Bibi Maham (SA) in a proper manner.
In his presidential address on this occasion, Secretary of Religious Affairs Sindh, Manzoor Ali Mahesar informed the conference participants that work on the approved scheme for providing basic facilities to the Zaireen is commencing soon. Additionally, a scheme for the construction of the Roza-e-Athar of Bibi Maham (SA) in Agham Kot will also be approved soon.
The conference featured with beautiful poetry presentations to pay tribute in the poetry to Bibi Maham (SA) by Javed Manzar, Kishwar Adeel Jaffery, Nasir Agha and Kamal Amrohi.
At the end of the ceremony, various personalities were awarded shields in recognition of their outstanding services for Dargah Bibi Maham (SA) and Ajraks to renowned personalities by the Karachi Editors Club and other precious gifts like the Moway Mubark of Hazrat Muhammad (SAAW) (hair of Prophet SAAW) to Mrs Nazir Leghari and a copy of Quran written by Hazra Ali (AS) in Khat-e-Kofi to Asmi Manzar by Zawar Abdul Sattar Dars.
Manzar Naqvi presented a copy of the book “Tehzeeb Nafs” written by Imam Khomeini to Muhammad Ali Mahesar along with Culture Attaché and Director of the Iranian Cultural Center Karachi Dr. Saeid Talibinia.

On this momentous occasion, the unveiling of the book “Hazrat Abu Talib (AS)” marked a significant milestone in the literary realm, as it was authored by the esteemed Sindhi scholar, Zawar Abdul Sattar Dars. The book, a testament to meticulous research and profound insights, serves as a valuable contribution to the understanding of Hazrat Abu Talib (AS), shedding light on the life and teachings of this revered figure. Zawar Abdul Sattar Dars, known for his scholarly prowess, brings forth a wealth of knowledge and perspective, enriching the narrative surrounding Hazrat Abu Talib (AS). The launch of this book not only commemorates the scholarly achievements of the author but also provides readers with a compelling resource to delve into the historical and spiritual dimensions of Hazrat Abu Talib’s legacy.
Agha Shirazi a renowned Journalist, scholar and TV Anchor hosted the whole ceremony very beautifully and continuously got appreciation from the participants of the conference which was largely attended from the personalities from all walk of lives.