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Metro Matters By Manzar Naqvi 31-10-2023

JDC Foundation: Making a difference in services to humanity

Metro Matters
Manzar Naqvi


Zahid Hameed, Chairman of CSR KATI, along with Danish Aman and Amir Chottani, recently hosted an evening to kick-start the first-ever fundraising campaign for the JDC Foundation. The event, held during the reported week, the event saw the presence of esteemed members of Karachi’s business community. Kamran Tessori, the Governor of Sindh, who graced the occasion as the Chief Guest, alongside Murad Ali Soni, Chief Community Policing Karachi, and Faraz Ur Rehman, President of KATI, who were guests of honored.
In his speech as the Chief Guest, Kamran Tessori commended the valuable services provided by JDC Foundation to the entire nation. He praised Syed Zafar Abbas, the CEO of JDC, as a well-known and widely respected figure among the masses. Tessori acknowledged Zafar Abbas’s decade-long dedication to humanitarian causes, noting that despite never soliciting donations previously, he had now found it necessary due to the increased costs of importing equipment and medicines for social work. He humorously quipped about the rise in the dollar exchange rate being attributed to Zafar Abbas’s efforts.
During the event, Kamran Tessori generously announced a donation of two million rupees from his own pocket, highlighting his steadfast support for Zafar Abbas over the years. He urged the business community to follow suit and contribute to the noble cause championed by JDC.

In a heart-rending address, Zafar Abbas, the CEO of JDC Foundation, shared the organization’s remarkable journey and the significant impact of its initiatives. He outlined the foundation’s mission, accomplishments, and unwavering commitment to improving the lives of millions.
Zafar Abbas emphasized that JDC Foundation has expanded its scope beyond flood disaster relief to establish a robust infrastructure for disaster management. The organization operates on the principle that charitable efforts should bring happiness and equality to people of all ages, classes, religions, and ethnicities.
Zafar Abbas revealed that this donors’ conference marked a new chapter for JDC Foundation, as they had previously only approached Kamran Tessori and Murad Ali Soni for support. He stressed that JDC serves humanity without discrimination based on religion, sect, province, or location. He mentioned that JDC incurs annual expenses of up to 4 billion rupees, that is why he decided to participate in the first-ever fundraising conference for JDC. He has supported other NGOs in the past for their fundraising endeavors, he added.
Zafar Abbas shed light on several of JDC’s ongoing initiatives, including the provision of free medical testing facilities and upcoming plans to introduce complimentary MRI services. He also underscored the organization’s commitment to establishing 50 free dialysis centers throughout Pakistan. Currently, several of these centers are operational in Karachi, providing vital services to thousands of patients at no cost, while a new center in Sialkot is poised to commence operations. JDC has diligently established multiple centers dedicated to serving patients without imposing any charges.
Additionally, JDC has set up a free graveyard, an old-age home, free Dastarkhawns (food distribution center), and a free mobile restaurant. The organization distributes ration bags to the needy and has plans to create the world’s largest free mortuary center, a diagnostic lab, an orphanage, a 24/7 free hospital, and a free schooling system. Zafar Abbas proudly noted that one of JDC’s schools meets the standards of the prestigious Beaconhouse Schools, with air-conditioned classrooms in every grade.
Zafar Said, established in 2010, JDC Foundation is driven by a mission that transcends borders, focusing on serving humanity’s basic needs during natural disasters and crises. The organization is committed to uplifting the underprivileged, seeking justice, and offering hospitality to those in need, guided by Islamic teachings and democratic moral ethics.
Zafar Abbas emphasized that JDC Foundation operates independently, relying solely on the generous donations of its members and non-members. The organization does not receive government funding and maintains transparent financial accounts open to donors for audit inspections, ensuring trust and transparency in its operations.
Zafar expressed gratitude to sponsors for their pivotal role in JDC Foundation’s journey, emphasizing their unwavering trust and commitment to the organization’s cause. He looked forward to strengthening these partnerships to further their mission.
Highlighting the organization’s impact, Zafar Abbas proudly stated that over 300,000 people benefit daily from JDC Foundation’s services and support. Initiatives range from vocational training to educational assistance, support for marriages, loans for small-scale businesses, and providing vehicles for employment opportunities. Women are empowered economically with sewing machines and other resources.
Zafar Abbas extended heartfelt gratitude to all supporters, volunteers, sponsors, and team members who have played vital roles in shaping JDC Foundation’s success. He stressed that every contribution, regardless of size, significantly impacts the lives of those they serve. With continued support, the organization aims to expand its reach, touch more lives, and continue its pursuit of happiness through charitable efforts.
Zafar Abbas concluded by reaffirming JDC Foundation’s commitment to its mission, where charitable efforts are truly aimed at bringing happiness to all. Murad Ali Soni, Faraz Ur Rehman, Asim Sam Sam, and Hanif Khan also spoke during the event, praising the remarkable services of JDC and Governor Sindh. The Consul Generals of the UAE and Oman were also present on this auspicious occasion.

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