Metro Matters 29-04-2019

Sindh Police to allow transgender recruits

Transgender people in Sindh will be able to serve as regular duty police officers, the police chief said, adding it was time to offer more opportunities to a group relegated to menial jobs in government.
After years of sometimes brutal persecution, transgender Pakistanis gained recognition in 2009 when the Supreme Court granted them special status with rights equal to other citizens.
While discrimination still persists, the move to allow transgender police recruits would be a significant step for the community, activists say.
“We will make them part of Sindh police,” Syed Kaleem Imam, Inspector General of the Sindh police told Reuters in Karachi.
“They are good God-gifted people. Citizens like us. We should stand by them,” said Imam, who as a junior officer became aware of the discrimination against the community.

Turkish have biggest hearts for Pakistanis, says Consul General

Turkish Airlines Agency Awards ceremony was held here, with participation of a large number of Pakistani tour operators and the speakers highlighted the growth and future expansion plan of the airlines.
Turkish Consul General in Karachi, Tolga Ucak was the chief guest at the programme hosted at a local hotel, during the week. He distributed awards among the best travel agents promoting Turkish Airlines.
Speaking on this occasion, the Turkish Consul General appreciated Pakistani travel agents for supporting Turkish Airlines and promoting tourism in his country.
He said Turkey was very attractive place for tourists from all over the world; including religious tourists sites.
He highlighted the 86-year journey of Turkish Airlines. Now, he said, grown to 338 aircraft fleet, the airline had 304 destinations in 122 countries in all continents.
“We have very big airlines and biggest airport,” he said adding that Turkish have biggest hearts of Pakistanis.
He briefed about the growing economy of Turkey and that Pakistan and his country could benefit a lot by further strengthening their economic cooperation; as excellent diplomatic ties they have.

Thailand CG visits Karachi Council on Foreign Relations

Thatree Chauvachata, the Consul General of Thailand in Karachi during his visit to the Karachi Council on Foreign Relations (KCFR) House in Clifton, during the week, said that Thailand has finalized list of more than 100 items and handed over the same to Pakistan for FTA (Free Trade Agreement). We are now hopeful that it will be finalized very soon to enhance bilateral trade between the two friendly countries.
On his arrival, the CG was received by Vice Chairman KCFR Khalid Mir and CEO Commodore Retd. Sadeed A. Malik. Retd. Assistant Secretary General UN Dr. Nasir, Khalid Nawaz Awan and other members of KCFR were also present.
Pakistan imports from Thailand are more than 1.5 billion US dollars while export volume of Pakistan to us is just 1.5 million US dollars against it. We want to balance this trade and play our role as friend for the economic development of Pakistan.
Thatree Chauvachata told that Thailand is trying to have FTA signed with Pakistan since 2013 and had more than 10 rounds of meetings in this regard. Thailand people love to have Pakistan’s sea foods. We want to make economic and people to people relations stronger. My Karachi Expo held recently by the Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) was also a good opportunity to achieve this goal, he added.
Taxila, Gilgit-Biltistan and many other places including National Museum of Karachi have much attraction for Thai tourists. Many places are even more beautiful than of Switzerland’s. Statues of Buddha along with other Gandhara civilization remains are worthy to explore. We will guide more Thai tourists to visit such places and include this in travel itinerary so they should not miss it, the Consul General assured.

Wastewater reuse an play a key role to cut water stress

Wastewater reuse an play a key role to cut water stress

Dr. Ing. Jameel Ahmad Khan, who is the President of Pakistan Academy of Engineering (PAE) has said Wastewater reuse can play a key role in reducing water stress in Pakistan. This was highlighted in his welcome address by, in the 13th Symposium of the Pakistan Academy of Engineering held at a local hotel. The theme of the symposium was “Water Stress”.
The focus of the symposium was on Groundwater Resource Management, Management of Water Distribution and Handling of wastewater utilizing the available technologies in order to reduce water stress.
The experts lamented that the Indus basin aquifer is among the world’s second most overstressed source of water. Pakistan is classified as extremely high water stress country.
Experts stressed that Technology Assessment should be conducted that could reduce water use to address water scarcity in the energy sector, municipal water sector and agriculture sector.
Waqar Butt SI & TI, Dr. M. Bashir Lakhani, and Prof. Dr Muhammad Shafqat Ejaz, also spoke on the occasion.

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