Mirror in a blind man’s pocket

Dear readers. An example of the humanity Contractors is that in Chicago, USA, there was a law called the Next Law, which said that bad children should be treated unfairly. So they would put them in cages in public places like animals and sell them. It was the beast that is now screaming and lying about humanity (humanity is a great religion) and showing us morality. Such are the disbelievers. Like animals they are worse than animals, they are careless and ignorant! (Surat al-A’raf). If we study the history of the world, the United States has played the worst role against humanity. For many years, the world has been experimenting with its modern weapons in killing and destroying humanity; men, women, children, old and young.
In addition, the disabled have not been spared, even though many times entire families have been killed by horrific and painful deaths like bombers. Yet most of the world’s blind politicians, while putting the weight of human services on the American stage, are oppressive and pharaonic and imperialist it reinforces oppression. It is a fact that in today’s world, people and many nations seek friendship with the United States in order to gain fame and fortune, because they have become plausible in the eyes of enlightened elements working for the friendship and pleasure of America. This is why most nations and individuals, when they want to rule their country and nation, first become citizens at the national level as soon as they study the United States and its laws and establish relations with them on the basis of humanity.
A clear example of this is Malala Yousafzai, whose favorite character is America; it was President Obama. Thanks to this love, an American general wrote a book himself and later published it in his name, making it clear to the world that Malala was an educated and peace-loving young woman with a passion for women’s rights and development.
There was a time when print media, electronic media, social media and musical shows and programs became a shining star in Malala’s praise, but in spite of so many praises and abilities, the hopes that Malala had for the nation were shared by all. But in the history books, a great conspiracy was hatched to get Malala from the minds of the new generation who fought against the world of infidelity of the time. But, thank God, the examples of Islamic humility and bravery are bright, fresh and alive till the end of time.
In addition, there are many individuals and movements that claim to be connected to the United States and its laws, that they all dance to the tune of the United States and its desires, that is, to the extent that it seems dangerous. What the United States, India and Israel wanted Pakistan to do in Afghanistan B. Those demands are made by their own people within these countries.
It is unfortunate that in this country and nation, the work that they used to take from foreign agents on the conspiracy and recommendation of external forces is automatically done by their own people in these countries today. Every day, the testimonies of a large number of scholars against the religion of Islam are full of conspiracies and chaos, which has destroyed the unity and trust among Muslims, the world of disbelief, including their enlightened people want here eEstablish a system according to their wishes so that these social differences between us and them will be eliminated.
To a large extent, these people have succeeded in their nefarious aims that the majority of the population here is disrespectful to their scholars and religious centers in social life. Here you can guess what has been spread in the name of Islam in the Sub-continent and how we have created an Islamic alternative to the local Hindu religious, cultural and cultural terms that have nothing to do with Islam. Idol there. Grave here. Sadhu there Meeting there. Jogi here. Monday. Darshan there. Pilgrimage here. Dandot there. Prostration here.
There watch Chakra here. Prashad here. Blessing here. Bahjan there. Qawwali here. Kirtan here. Dhamal here. Karya Karam here.
There is Diwali, here is Shab-e-Barat, there is Dussehra, here is condolence, there is Tantric Baba. Here Amil Baba. There Rakhi. Here Imam Zaman. There Dasi. Here Muridni. There Tantra Mantra. We have been stripped of our clothes; we are only wearing Islamic clothes and imitating the religion of others. But Islam is a mirror, but we are blind. If we all turn to the Islamic mirror, we will be saved from many superstitions.
May Allah grant every Muslim an understanding of the correct Book and Sunnah, Amen.

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