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Miscreant elements are again active in Agham Kot trying to stop pilgrims, staging demos

District Administration of Badin, all security agencies, and the
Sindh govt should apprehend these few individuals forthwith

AGHAM KOT: Sectarian and divisive activities were carried out to obstruct the arrival of pilgrims to the sacred shrine of Masooma-e-Qum (S.A), daughter of Imam Musa Kazim (A.S) in the Agham Kot, Badin district. This situation has resulted in the announcement of protest demonstrations in Gulab Laghari city, says a Press release.
However, this protest was suddenly conducted by the miscreant elements in front of the shrine of Bibi Masooma-e-Sindh (S.A.) in Agham Kot. The protest continued for several hours with sectarian slogans and incendiary activities, causing pilgrims from across the country to be forced to return without visiting the shrine. The individuals prominently involved in these reprehensible actions and sectarian incitements are the same ones who had been consistently engaged in such activities for a long time.
Agham Kot, situated in the Matli district of Badin, is home to the shrine of Bibi Masooma Khadija (S.A.), daughter of Imam Musa Kazim (A.S.), which is currently a major pilgrimage destination attracting visitors not only from Sindh province but from all over the country, with the number of visitors increasing day by day.
This shrine was known to local people for centuries, but it gained more attention after research was published in 2009, leading to a significant increase in pilgrim visits. Following the publication of three consecutive research works in 2018, numerous videos were uploaded on social media platforms, and renowned scholars such as Allama Hasan Zafar Naqvi, Allama Aalay Ahmad Bilgrami, Allama Muhammad Asghar Dars, Allama Baqir Husain Zaidi, Allama Shabih Raza, Allama Muhammad Murtaza Laghari, and Allama Haider Abbas Zaidi also uploaded research videos, resulting in a surge of pilgrims from across the country.
When the influx of pilgrims increased, some individuals with vested interests began spreading hatred and engaging in reprehensible actions to obstruct pilgrims’ visits and promote sectarianism. This led to the organization of protest demonstrations and rallies by a banned religious organization in Agham Kot and Gulab Laghari city, escalating into continuous activities of violence and disruption. After these vile actions, it became evident that the individuals consistently involved in such activities include Mian Ghulam Rasool Qureshi, Ghulam Mustafa Qureshi, Ashraf Laghari, Syed Jaman Shah, and their associates.
The responsible authorities of the Sindh Auqaf Department played an extremely responsible role in thwarting all the conspiracies of these enemies of peace, making the situation significantly better after their efforts. In recent days, the Sindh Auqaf Department has initiated construction projects to provide basic facilities to pilgrims in Agham Kot, but the same individuals have once again engaged in reprehensible actions.
Just a few days ago, the Secretary of Auqaf Sindh laid the foundation stone for the construction of the shrine of Bibi Masooma Sindh in Agham Kot, and these individuals intensified their incendiary actions, trying to ignite sectarian discord and halt the arrival of pilgrims.
In this situation, it has become the duty of the District Administration of Badin, all security agencies, and the Sindh government to immediately apprehend those few individuals who have been continuously engaged in sectarian disturbances and disruptions for the past few years and have also been blatantly interfering in the official works of the Sindh Auqaf Department.