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Mistakes of the Crusaders

In the year (1099) the first crusade took place, so the crusaders martyred (10,000) ten thousand Muslims in Masjid (Umar) and (70,000) thousand were martyred in Al-Aqsa Mosque and (100,000) one hundred thousand Muslims were martyred. Historians of the Crusades say that on the day of the capture of Jerusalem, the colors of our soldiers were discolored due to many massacres, so the Crusaders won the First Crusade.
In this First Crusade, the Crusaders Martyred so many innocent Muslims that brutal armies turned into dirty soldiers in the Second Crusade. This happened in (1148) during the reign of Nur al-Din Zangi and in (1149) the Muslims were victorious and the crusaders managed to escape. Third Crusade After the death of Nur al-Din Zangi, Salah al-Din Ayubi came to power. Salah al-Din Ayubi found a special place in the heart of the Islamic world.
Fourth Crusade. (Salah al-Din Ayubi) After his death in the late year (1195), Saif al-Din, the brother of Salah al-Din, was defeated near Akka in Syria and his army defeated. The Fifth Crusade was declared by the leaders of Italy and France in 1221 AD, but at that time the king of the Ayubid dynasty (Malik al-Adil) had died, but his sons took over the affairs and defeated him decisively.
Sixth Crusade .years (1228) began in Germany and was defeated and the King of France instead of returning to France (4) four Years spent in (Palestine) in the guise of a beggar. After collecting the reasons for the defeat against the Muslims and their shortcomings, he went back to his homeland and (4) returned to France after four years and again sat on the throne and took over the reins again.
In the Seventh Crusade (1248), the King of France (Louis) raised the flag of war, at that time the King of Egypt (Malik al-Salih) was ill, so the war continued and he died, but his wife (Shagarat al-Dara) kept this as a secret and fought well with the Crusaders. On this occasion he captured a responsible soldier of the opposite side.
The Eighth Crusade This happened in (1270) and the Crusaders invaded (Syria) and the Muslims were badly defeated and in (1272) and in (1291) the King of Egypt (Malik al-Khalil) returned to Europe from all of Syria. End of Crusades and Crusades we have to pay attention to the fact that the first crusade was won only by the crusaders and all the rest were won by the Muslims, but the infidels have set up very deep barriers between the Muslim Ummah.
Technically those who are surrendering by conflict and unity and division of power among the Muslims, the infidels have trained their spies in different colors in the ranks of the Muslim Ummah, so that all those plans among the Muslim Ummah will fail. Go, because of which the Muslim moves forward, but the disbelievers are aware of it at the right time and stop it.
Israel is a huge symbol of impurity, horror and murder on the face of this world, and America and Israel have committed shameful crimes against humanity have taken measures and treated innocent and helpless human beings in a manner that is shameful for animals, yet the United Nations and the rulers of the world have kept silent and fasted on this huge human waste. Because most of the rulers have been enslaved by the power of dollars, but I want to put this matter in the minds of the entire Muslim Ummah that America has destroyed Islamic countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, by showing its barbarity.
Other countries that are in the hands of the United States. We are seeing his plight. Without unity, this evil, cruelty, brutality and inhumane treatment cannot be stopped.