Mr Zardari sahib fact is otherwise


The co chairman of PPP Mr Asif Ali Zardari in his latest press conference at Lahore has said that they (mean the Govt.) are after me because they want me to annul the 18 the amendment of the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, he added he has no power to do that. It is totally wrong what Mr Zardari has uttered in the Press Conference. He is being chased by the various departments including NAB for his significant part in money laundering. The president of the Summit Bank is behind the bar for illegally sending Rs 35 billions abroad. His disclosure before the court about the money laundering is sufficient enough to send him to jail (Mr Zardari is not afraid to go to jail as he said in the press conference). So to twist the facts will not help him rather he will face more difficulties in future. According to him the incumbent government is not performing well rather the persons running the affairs of the government are native, incompetent to rule, hence the govt. be dislodged.

He has also accepted the offer of Moulvi F.Rehman to attend the All Parties Conference which would discuss as told by the Moulvi the future plan of action against the Government. I think Zardari should not have agreed to attend a meaningless APC with an agenda the people o Pakistan will not agree with Mr Zardari is the same person who would say let the Government of Mr Imran Khan complete his five years terms, but when his cronies and he himself is being blamed for money laundering and the fear is lurking that he might be arrested like his cronies, he has joined hands with the most opportunist moulvi to create hurdles in the smooth running of the Government.

Mr Zardaris old friend Mr Nawaz Sharif has declined to attend the APC, while both of them remain in contact over phones. The absence of Mr Nawaz Sharif in the would be APC will be considered total failure. Mr Nawaz Sharif thinks that his party lost the general elections of 2018 because of the unfriendly attitude of Mr Zardari who actual wanted PML-N to lose the elections against Tehrik-e-Insaf of Imran Khan. While Mr Imran Khan has repeatedly said in clear terms that he will not spare the corrupt elements especially Mr Zardari and Nawaz Sharif who have accumulated illegal wealth at the cost of the nation. The present economic difficulties faced by the nation has been created by the PPP and PML-N who exploited politics to serve their own personal interest.

Mr Imran Khan has also said that he would not sign any NRO with the declared corrupt elements who are responsible for the current economic mess and have destroyed the vital institutions of Pakistan affecting the performance of the government and pushing the masses into poverty and deprivation. Now these defeated elements have been trying to save themselves from the accountability and crying horse to mislead the ignorant masses who can be easily exploited but the government is determined to bring them before the law and recover the looted amount so that a corruption free Pakistan is established as desired by the majority of Pakistani people. However, these corrupt politicians will try to harm Imran Khan by all the foul means available, but the nation is vigilant and would take all the measures to save Imran Khan from the evil designs of these corrupt politicians. So Mr Zardari sahib please do not mislead the people by saying that they want you to annul the 18th Amendment, they want to recover the looted money from you and your friends simply that.