Myth about Nawaz Sharif’s public meetings

Agha Masood

The ousted and disqualified prime minister of Pakistan Mr. Nawaz Sharif is holding public meetings in which, according to him, a large number of people are participating. The TV anchors who are supporting him for the reasons we know, also support his claims that the public meetings are drawing huge crowds. But they never tell the people that behind these crowds is the Punjab government where his younger brother Shahbaz Sharif is the chief minister and wants to become prime minister. The Punjab bureaucracy is very active and is pushing people to attend Nawaz’s public meetings. Besides the district officials the Patwaris are also playing their part to lure the village people to go to these meetings .Thus the crowds which we see in Nawaz’s meetings are being brought by the Punjab administration headed by his younger brother. Moreover, a huge amount of money is distributed by his daughter to younger people to raise slogans in favour of the ousted prime minister, and at the same time, malign the judiciary and the army. Since the people in Pakistan are poor, illiterate and deprived for them a few coins to attend the meetings of Nawaz Sharif are almost like a lottery won by them. In such meetings Nawaz Sharif openly tells lies to the people saying that he has not indulged in corruption of any sort, and that the judiciary is biased. Similar words are spoken by his daughter who is a hard core liar and cheat. She is accused of tempering the documents of her properties submitted in the Supreme Court. All said and done the main agenda of Nawaz Sharif and some members of his party is to discredit the judiciary and malign the army, which once was responsible to introduce him in politics. Now he is determined to challenge the very integrity of Pakistan by creating confusion in the society and provoking people to come on the street and exert pressure on judiciary to restore his previous position. Actually, Nawaz Sharif is not interested in elections, his aim to discredit the institutions and create law and order situation, compel army to takeover and then asking his paid goons to come on the street and challenge the takeover. The incumbent Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi is blindly following Nawaz Sharif anti Pakistan policies which, if not controlled, can create lawlessness providing the chance to the any anti-Pakistan elements to further harm the interests of Pakistan as an independent nation.
Therefore, one should try to understand the real agenda of Nawaz Sharif; he is determined to destroy the image of judiciary and the army. The crowds which attend his public meetings are mostly illiterate as I wrote earlier and can hardly understand what his agenda is. He says he is innocent and did not do any sort of corruption, he is a victim of conspiracy by some secret hands etc and the crowd raise slogans in his favour .Mr. Nawaz Sharif has also bought media houses through his ill-gotten wealth who toe his line by maligning judiciary and the army. In other words, the ousted and corrupt prime minister is following the anti -Pakistan agenda of India with whom he has enormous business interests. To my mind, this is high time that this rogue element Nawaz Sharif should be arrested under the various clauses of the constitution especially 5 and 204; otherwise things may go out hands.


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