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Myth of killing: East Pakistan a war not to be

It is said , history is written by victors.
This is so in East Pakistan. Lie , fabrication , exaggeration is the base of most of the accounts written by cherry picked writers. Yet, when time passes , cooler heads prevail truth come out. History has its own dynamics’ to prop up reality. No way I defend the mistakes made by West Pakistan.
Pakistan army from all international standards is extremely professional army. Its conduct and behavior is monitored under the law. All its actions are judged under the military law. In East Pakistan it never overstepped the lines given by the law. In all about 9000 troops were given the task to restore the writ of the government under the circumstances, March 1971, which had become beyond control due to civil disobedience launched by Awami League. There was merciless killing of the non-Bengali in mostly all the cities of East Pakistan. There were few incidents of overstepping the law but these were taken care of and any personal involves were punished. But Indian media and Indian intelligence in 1969 onward had gone all hawk to create an impression against Pakistan Army. These observations of mine are substantiated by various researchers and authors who investigated all the allegations which were leveled by the Indian and Bangladeshi media as well as anti-Pakistan International Media.( an article in ‘Medium’ in detail describe the falsehood) They did not find any such evidence which could say that Pakistan Army had been indulging in wanton killing or rape. On 16th December when we had to go for ceasefire , called Surrender , It was not a war, Pakistan army was engaged in counter insurgency operations. The war was imposed by India in early Nov1971. Pakistan counter attacked on Dec 4, 1971.
The infrastructure of the East Pakistan was totally intact when war ended. By May 1971 all offices were functioning, railways were operational and industry was gradually picking up. The civil administration was fully in place. Had Pakistan Army destroyed the infrastructure of East Pakistan, Bangladesh could not have come up so quickly. we have the recent examples where Iraq has been destroyed and still struggling to come up, Ukraine stand destroyed and recent we have seen the destruction in Gaza. There was no such thing in East Pakistan because Pakistan Army always considered its own home and the people of the Pakistan owned brethren. Whatever damage was done to infrastructure it was by the Indians to cut out Pakistan army movements.
Indians and the Bangladeshis still are harping that over three million people killed in East Pakistan during March to December. And that the Eastern wing infra structure was destroyed. There cannot be a bigger lie than this assertion . Mujibur Rehman landed back after release at Dhaka Airport Jan 8, 1972, he asked, how many people were killed , the reporter, of PRAVDA of Moscow said 3 million. This figure was picked by media , was stuck. This has become a norm to quote this figure in every forum. But the sources within Bangla Desh questioned the ethnicity of this figure , Seraj Rehman, BBC correspondent then wrote in ‘Guadian’ May 24 , 2011- Mujib’s confusion on Bangla Desh Deaths”. The inquiries, research of International Researchers as well as even Bangladeshis Fact Finding Committee failed to justify this figure. They could not go even beyond few thousand. When this report was presented to Mujib he was furious, and the report was buried. Sharmila Bose , an American Journalist of Indian origin investigated and rejected this figure she came around 40000, so as Australian researchers investigating rape allegation. The first Foreign Secretary S A Karim claim , Mujib’s figure of three million deaths was over statement to David Frost Jan, 1972. .Junaid Ahmed in his research’ Myth Exploded’ also rejected all these charges. I , personally been part of and in operations throughout civil war and later during war in Eastern Sector . I witnessed no such killing . But in civil war and wars there is always collateral damage. Present war damages are colossal. Late Lt Gen Kamal Mattin Uddin , in his book TARGEDY OF ERRORS have also in detail described the events. Present Bangla Desh Government has political motives to hide the actual truth.
There were around 9000 troops available on the night of 25th March when operations Search Light was ordered after the failure of negotiations between Avami League and People’s Party. Majibur Rehman and Bhutto failed to realize the impact of their decisions so as then President Yahya Khan who was responsible to take decisions to ensure continuity of the democracy and security of Pakistan . The fate of Pakistan and millions of Pakistanis was scarified at the altar of Individual ego. Between 7th march and 25th March virtually Avami League was the de facto ruler in eastern wing of East Pakistan. Massive killings did take place in Dhaka Chittagong , Jassur and many other cities of Bangladesh , Urdu speaking Biharis and any other community called Punjabi were killed and main target. There were colossal atrocities , even pregnant Bihari women were not spared. The figure goes into many hundred thousand. In the suburbs and industrial area of Chittagong in the sheds where the killing of the Biharis took place , there was knee-deep blood. It Is unfortunate the government did not publish those facts fearing backlash in West Pakistan. Similarly in other cities there were places where thousands of Biharis were killed along with the scattered Pakistani army units personal men in East Pakistan Rifles. Aami League militants were armed to the teeth by the Indians. In Dhaka University two halls were fully barricaded by the armed Aami League militant headed by a Hindu Student. They had to be cleared. Similarly, in Jessore, Barisal Kushtiya and many other cities where Biharis were settled , mercilessly killed. In East Pakistan rifles West Pakistan officers their families as well as jawans were eliminated by the rebelled East Pakistani rifle personals.
Between 25th march and 1st April 1971, reinforcements were airlifted from West Pakistan , partial two divisions, around 15000 less heavy equipment. It was humanly not possible to kill 3 million people in nine months by 22,000 troops. By May 1971 the whole of his East Pakistan came under the writ of the government and was peaceful. The Indian under direct orders of Indra Ghandi , under the command of Indian Army chief Manak Shah were training Mukti Bahni in six training camps scattered in Bihar and Bengal , each under a Brigadier of Regular Indian Army. There were other Awami Legue commanders training different groups separately . Young recruits were sent to Russia . From May to December all killing were done by Mukti Bahni under direct command of Indian regular officers, and blame used to be dumped on Pakistan Army.
The seeds of rebellion were evident early march, and occurred in the East Bengal regiment, East Pakistan rifles as well as in police along with 25,000 recruits in Chittagong East Bengal (EB) training center on the onset of operation search light. Overnight the core of Mukti Bani came into being , and India took control of these troops through their own offices. It is a well-known fact that Major Zia, the second in command, 8 Bengal Regiment killed his commanding officer , a west Pakistani , In his office. He declared Independent Bangla Desh and himself as interim President. Thereafter Major Zia deployed all rebel troops under his command against the Pakistan Army along the Karna Fuli River and the sea in the outskirts Chittagong . Brig Iqbal Shafi, Brigade commander from Comilla along with 24FF under command of Lt Col Shahpur, was ordered to move to relieve pressure on 20 Baluch in Chittagong surrounded by the major Zia’s forces. 53 field regiment was left behind to look after Camilla. Col Shahpur embraced Shahadat in the out skirts of Chittagong , the first senior officer who laid his life for the integrity of Pakistan . Thereafter reinforcements were ambushed in Chittagong , CO Commando Battalion Lt Col Suliman , Capt. Sikander and 19 soldiers were ambushed.. Similar situation was in all other cities of East Pakistan. The space do not permit to go in to details.
The war crime trials in Bangla Desh after fifty years are the violation of Tri Part agreement between India , Pakistan and Bangla Desh in 1973 and mockery. Jamat Islami leaders who were just school children in !971 were picked up and hanged. The tribunal itself was self-styled and not recognized.
The fact remain , only around 30000 troops including scouts and police fought valiantly. Not a single fortress could be overrun by India with the might of half a million , plus air and naval support. Another half a million Mukti Bahni. (50:1 ratio) The courage and determination has been recognized by Indians as well ( FM Manak Shah interview). There were mistakes and judgmental errors , cumulatively 16 Dec was a result of Politico , bureaucratic and military follies. The major factor was the Indian conspiracies and attacking a sovereign country against all international norms. Otherwise Mukti Bahi could never have succeeded. The international community was just a bystander.