NAB challenged by Deputy Chairman Senate

Pakistan is a unique country in the world where when some elite or prominent leader is hauled up or arrested on documented corruption charges he starts accusations against the authority taking such action here it is NAB that is under attack. No thief has ever accepted his robbery until screwed and this is nothing new, we have seen when this important tool is employed people come forward and start speaking the truth and start giving confessional statements when confronted with irrefutable evidence.
Lately in Pakistan’s history one small case of documented corruption came to lime light where a public representative Makhdoom Jaleeluz Zaman involved in corruption of Rs1.5 crore when arrested and presented with the charge sheet of corruption he accepted it and gracefully returned the entire looted amount without any plea bargaining. His noble act of accepting corruption charges shall always be quoted as an example for other looters to follow this better and gentle course of action. Somehow or the other lately people at very responsible position instead bowing before country laws think it better to indulge in confrontation under intoxication of wrong notions. As reported in the media Deputy Chairman senate is alleged to be involved in fake accounts when questioned and confronted by NAB got furious and started rebuking the Chairman NAB. One could never think of such highly objectionable statement coming out from Deputy Chairman Senate who is not happy with the investigations against him by NAB and went to the extent in saying that “Now the senators will hold the NAB accountable (first time in the history of Pakistan). We will approach every foreign ambassador in Pakistan and will expose NAB’s atrocities”, “Aur sari dunya mein badnam karoonga” What a statement? At least my head hung in shame on this uncalled for and stupid statement. Attacking openly chairman NAB who holds constitutional appointment makes no sense at all. Unfortunately our public representatives enjoy full protection under typical Pakistani laws and say anything against anybody against any institution without any fear and get away easily without bothering about the consequences that may follow. In fact state should have taken notice of this highly irresponsible statement that too from senior law maker. Deputy Chairman senate can express his reservations against NAB Chairman but within the ambient of law and talk about his accountability but what business have these foreign ambassadors to do with NAB or NAB cases against politicians which are fully documented and he wants these to make world headlines. Is it not hitting below the belt to our sovereignty? Under which article of the constitution of Pakistan such matters can be shared or made public with foreign ambassadors? Deputy Chairman of senate is very respectable position, under such circumstances it is always better to step down and face the charges instead start accusing the investigators and abuse the chairman NAB, this certainly was in a bad taste.Deputy Chairman senate by now should know that an amount of over Rs 466 billion looted money has been recovered by NAB from politicians, businessman, bureaucrats and other government servants involved in mega corruption, by all standards it is most outstanding performance and nation is grateful to NAB for such grand recovery and it is hoped the journey will go on with greater push and effort in spite of criticism by the looters. The world over efforts of NAB in recovering this huge looted amount is being highly appreciated and is being cited as an example of good work done by NAB
Is this country an inherited property of certain people, politicians and political parties? Certainly not. Look at the statements of immature children of politicians who consider it their birth right to rule this country with no qualifications except they are sons and daughters and relatives of law makers. On daily basis they challenge the writ of state, criticise each and every action of the government, so far the government has been very magnanimous in dealing such politicians but enough is enough the government should not show such leniency because they take it their weakness.” Aik tu choori ooper sey seena zoori ”
It is time the government make laws where no one should dare challenge the writ of state. Laws have to be made where white collar criminals irrespective of status and category are punished with 30 days.
In a country where politicians continue to display immaturity it becomes all the more important to make strict laws without any loss of time for future deterrence. Just challenging through a provocative discourse is not enough. It only smells of vengeance and revenge. The Deputy Chairman should first clear his name and then speak about NAB making accountable to Senate.

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