NBP conducts seminar for awareness of NAB role ending corruption


LAHORE: Pakistan Central Region Lahore and NAB Lahore office for awareness of the role of NAB in eradication of corruption. It was participated by Dilbar Husain Khan, Regional Head, NBP, Central Region, Lahore, Regional Management Team, Branch Managers, Operations Managers and others officers of the Central Region office/branches, says a Press release.
After recitation Ghazanfar Abbas Khan, Director Staff College, Lahore welcomed the participants and NAB team. Thereafter, the Deputy Director Mohammed Sajid described the rules of the NAB, especially those which were pertaining to banking sector.
The Director Syed Mohammed Husnain Ahmed addressed the seminar and emphasized the importance of the awareness of the NAB rules among the bank staff. He also assured that if all institutions join hands against the corruption, Pakistan can become corruption free country.
While addressing the question of a participant, he advised that NAB and NBP officials should follow laws/policies of their institution; however the national interest must be preferred always.
No person should transgress his powers in any situation. At the end Dilbar Husain Khan, Regional Head, NBP, Central Region Lahore thanked the NAB team for their visit and he also assured that both the Institutions will be mutually benefited each other experiences.
He also stated that such awareness sessions will be continued to enhance the cooperation among the institutions and knowledge of the bank staff.