NBP employees, others donate one-day salary for dams

KARACHI: The employees of National Bank of Pakistan on the advice of NBP President Saeed Ahmad have voluntarily contributed one day salary for the construction of ‘DiamerBasha and Mohmand Dam Fund 2018, says NNI.

This initiative has been taken keeping in view the dread shortage of water reserves which is posing an alarming threat for our country which is rightly observed by the honorable Supreme Court.

In response to the Government of Pakistan, for donations/contributions from both domestic and international donors, an account with the name of “DiamerBasha and Mohmand Dam Fund-2018” has been established at all branches of National Bank of Pakistan.

Pakistan has always been a country blessed with rivers and rainfall, but in the view of the experts, there is going to be a massive water shortage as a large portion of the river water that passes through the country empties itself into the sea and the country loses out on power and irrigation opportunities.

Saeed Ahmad, President NBP, in his message said that ‘NBP has instructed their field functionaries to welcome, receive and facilitate all persons who desire to make deposits and contributions in the said account from the general public.

It is the duty of each and every one of us to fulfill our responsibilities, whole heartedly and ensure that all deposits are welcomed. It is desired to extend full cooperation and facilitation for receiving such funds. Our helpdesk in all big branches, regions and Head Office should be geared up to provide support, assurance and reply to any queries and resolve any complaints.

Any staff found to be negligent/shirking in carrying out his/her responsibilities will be dealt with severely. Regional Management Teams will have ‘Zero Tolerance’ against those who are found not supporting the initiative and negligent towards this worthy cause. ‘

He further informed that NBP has advertised information for general public in Urdu/English and newspapers and displayed banners. Telephone numbers for lodging complaints at all the branches, notice board & ATM machine cabins and NBP websites are displayed. NBP Call Centre is available 24/7 for registration of complaints & information regarding the funds account on priority and it is also on the website and ATM screen.’

The Bank’s overseas branch network is also advised to facilitate receipt of donations/ contributions from overseas Pakistanis and/or any international donors/contributors. Donation and contribution to the funds can be made in the form of cash, cheque, prize bonds and other cash equivalents.

It is now imperative that the people of Pakistan and expatriates settled abroad who both love our country, to step forward and deposit any amount into the Fund.

Meanwhile, SereneAir announced a humble contribution of one-day salary of its employees as a national cause to construct Diamer-Bhasha and Mohmand Dam Fund to tackle the worst-ever water crisis, says a Press release.

CEO Air Marshal (R) Sohail Gul Khan, the CEO SereneAir said, being a responsible entity, believes it is our national duty to rise up to the occasion and decided to provide a helping hand in this great initiative taken by the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

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