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Need to utilize arts, S&T to fortify Ummah’s unity urged

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KARACHI: Director of the Cultural Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran-Karachi emphasized the need to utilize arts, science & technology to strengthen the unity of the Islamic Ummah.
The Culture Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran-Karachi organized a conference on the occasion of the birth anniversary of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAAW) and Imam Sadiq (SAAW). Famous scholars, intellectuals, religious, cultural and political personalities of Karachi expressed their views in this conference.
At the beginning of the conference, Iran’s cultural attaché and the director of the Culture Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran-Karachi, Saeed Talebinia, in his speech, referring to the fatwas of Imam Khomeini and Imam Khamenei, emphasized the respect of the holy personalities of Islamic sects and said: every call that gives birth to division between the people of Islamic Ummah is really the devil’s invitation. Dr. Talebinia added: Western countries, especially England and the United States, use simple-minded Shiites and Sunnis to deceive the public and spread religious prejudices, whose objective is to weaken the Islamic countries, to maintain their colonial rule, and to secure the Zionist government.
He said, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran recently protesting against blasphemy and desecration in the United Nations, raised the Holy Quran in front of the delegates and showed this that the Islamic Republic of Iran is the bearer of the same Qur’an, which other Muslim nations study and practice.
Talebinia said, without an iota of doubt, Holy Qur’an is one of the fundamental pillars of the unity of the Islamic Ummah, and after that, the love of the Prophet’s Ahl al-Bayt is the second pillar of the Muslim unity. Belief in one God, in Kaaba and the holy prophet (SAAW), is included in the unified beliefs of all the Muslims.
The director of Iran Culture Center, said, “The Muslim elites, should pay attention to the points which are needed to strengthen the Muslim Unity. He said, Shiite and Sunni religious schools and universities should conduct scientific and academic research as well as assigning professors and students’ delegation exchanges, in particular, developing collaborations in the fields of theater, cinema, music, culture, literature and performing joint social religious projects including publication of books, as well as enhancing relations in the field of media.
The editor-in-chief of the Financial Daily and Karachi Editors Club’s secretary general Manzar Naqvi, who recently returned from a visit to Iran, said in his speech: “Currently, Iran is a powerful and developed country where in health, education, and technology sectors I noticed a clear progress. Iran is not really a country that Western media always shows a false image of it to the world.”
Maulana Amin Ansari, Secretary General of Pakistan Muttahida Ulama Mahaz, emphasizing on Islamic unity, said: The Culture Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Karachi, is the true flag bearer of the unity of the followers of Islamic sects, and this center in Karachi is a well-known symbol of the unity between Islamic schools of thoughts.
The famous Shia scholar Allama Sheikh Hassan Salahuddin, praised the role of Imam Khomeini, the great founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in the establishing the unity of the Muslims, who called the days from 12th to 17th Rabiul Awal attributed as birthdays of the holy Prophet of Islam the “Week of Muslim Unity”.
Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran Hassan Noorian said in his short speech as the guest speaker of this conference: The unity of the Islamic Ummah is one of the indispensable needs of Muslims around the world, which is strongly emphasized in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This is the reason that all the Islamic sects are respected in Iran and everyone has complete freedom in performing worship and religious rituals.
Professor Dr. Kamran, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences of Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Professor of Nemal University, and Secretary General of Palestine Foundation, Saber Abu Maryam. Professor of Karachi University, Dr. Javad Hashmi and the head of Muttahida Ulema Mahaz Pakistan, Maulana Abdul Khaliq Faridi, presented their speeches regarding the unity of the Ummah. In this conference, apart from the speeches, Naat Khwani was also presented.
At the entrance of the Iran Cultural Center an exhibition was held to introduce the history, culture, civilization and scientific progress of Iran, which was visited by all the participants.

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