New OPD opens at The Lady Dufferin Hospital

KARACHI: The Lady Dufferin Hospital inaugurates a new state-of-the-art OPD in Karachi, “Dr. Faridon Setna & Mariyam Bashir Dawood Centre of Excellence for Women and Children”
This new purpose built, state of the art OPD Wing will provide all related services under one roof including obstetric, gynecological and neo natal facilities to the expecting mothers coming from Karachi, interior Sind & Balochistan, says a Press release.
It houses 17 examination rooms with waiting areas accommodating over 400 patients at one time. LDH has treated 41000 patients in OPD in last one year (June-May 2020-21) and with the new OPD wing we expect the numbers to go up to 60000 patients/year. With the increasing the patient inflow Dufferin would be able to reduce the operating expenses and losses that we incur while providing extremely subsidized often free of charge health care to the underprivileged mothers and newborns.
The 2nd floor of the building houses Ultrasound & Radiology department with state-of-the-art machinery including CT scan, Ultrasound, Fluoroscopy to offer high risk women with fetal anomalies with advance invasive tests including, amniocentesis and genetic testing for common and rare diseases, minimal invasive technique using ultrasound & C.T scan guided biopsies for diagnosis of various gynecological cancers.
At present over 20000 ultrasound/ radiology tests are performed every year which are expected to increase by 50% with increase in patient inflow. This floor also occupies an advanced 24-hour laboratory.
In the inaugural address, Dr. Zeryab Setna, Medical Superintendent of Lady Dufferin Hospital expressed his gratitude to all those who had sustained the hospital and contributed to raise the standard of maternal healthcare though their generosity.
This state of the art, future proof OPD building will not only help create a patient friendly, minimally stressful experience for these marginalized women and their families but also to address the national issue of disease control.
The donors include Mr & Mrs. Bashir Dawood, Muhammad Ali Tabba, Muslim and Tyaba Habib, Agha Maqsood Abbas, Mr & Mrs. Mohsin Nathani, Mowjee Family, Kulsoom Tabba, Mr. & Mrs. Irshad Ali S. Kassim, Zulekha Tabba Maskatiya, Dr. Ashraf Kamaruddin, Raheela A. Sattar, the Health Department, Govt. Of Sindh, Sadia Javed MP Assembly of Sindh, HBL Foundation, Pakistan Petroleum Ltd., Pakistan State Oil, Agha Steel Industries and TPL Corp. Ltd.

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