No room for failure

Honourable Prime Minister, at the very outset I would like to congratulate you on your struggle that is spread over 22 years, the main purpose of your struggle was to fight against corruption and provide relief to common man who had been neglected by all previous rulers. The poor people of Pakistan believed in you and brought you in power. Unfortunately right from the start you broke the promise instead of bringing new blood in your party you allowed defectors of other parties to join you with open arms because they were electable. You succeeded in your struggle and was able to form the government at the centre and three provinces except Sind thus making you hostage in the hands of smaller groups who provided you support to form the governments, as a result dream of Naya Pakistan automatically disappeared.
Practically your party turned in to “Choon Choon ka Maraba”. Under such circumstances you were handicapped right from day one and it became clear that you cannot achieve goals set forth, it is understandable. But common man is not pushed about such matters as they were looking for relief. You wasted 8 months in criticizing past governments and their leaders as a result major issues were side lined and people who were eagerly waiting for some relief were further over burdened with soaring prices of daily consumable items and social media became active and started raising questions on your teams ability to steer the country out of crisis. Your rhetoric that country has been looted started fading away and people demanded relief. It is true that government was busy in arranging dollars from friendly countries to pay off the interest on loans borrowed by previous governments but people were only interested in their own relief that never came.
While this was happening you devalued the rupee beyond any proportion that further put additional burden of billions of dollars on the country as this was not enough you increased the fuel prices that badly hit the common man. As this was not enough prices of medicines were raised beyond the purchase of even middle class people and for poor it was shock of 440 Volts, good that you took notice and prices of certain medicines have been reduced but after doing maximum damage to your credibility in handling the affairs of the country
Knowing fully well that your promise of doing some good work in 100 days did not do any good to people except aggravating their condition further things started going out of control except doing some good work in building Pakistan’s image internationally. Even help from friendly countries KSA, UAE and China did not improve our financial health as trade deficit kept increasing and you had to face criticism from opposition parties and from people at large
It was in your knowledge that a set of mindset was ruling this country and their system is so deep rooted if someone tries to disturb the system he himself is up rooted. Country’s financial position was in your knowledge, corruption cases in NAB were also in your knowledge, in nut shell when you became Prime Minister complete picture of country was on your finger tips except certain figures which were hidden and were not reflected in the budget. Your maiden speech undoubtedly touched every body’s heart and people expected some good results if not miracles. Converting PM House in to university, Governor Houses in to welfare projects, minimum protocol, disposing of cars of PM House and austerity proved to be a an exercise in futile. These announcements had negative impact because it did not contain any measure that could give relief to the poor. So the impact of speech faded away and government came under sharp criticism
It is not a secret that your mandate hinges on borrowed majority therefore a proper strategy should have been formed to ensure how to handle a very strong opposition. No effort was made in that direction and today they stand like a rock and planning to dislodge your government. Your opening batsman is out but in new role with new players and shifting of few ministers just after 8 months simply reflects that things are not under control. Exit of finance minister at crucial time is not good omen and appointing controversial people in cabinet that too unelected gives clear indication as alleged by opposition that it is not your decision that has not been clarified. Taking no dictation from IMF was your favourite subject but stands collapsed by appointing an IMF official as Governor State Bank of Pakistan.
8 months is a long period you did not do anything about PSE’s, Pakistan Steel, except PIA. imagine the money being doled out each month without any purpose Rehabilitation of these industries should have been your top priority. As announced by your government it has been decided to privatize Pakistan Steel is a bad decision and must be reviewed. Finance Minister was uncertain whether he should go to IMF or not when it was decided to go it was too late. To utter surprise of business community oil and power rates were revised, two mini budgets were presented.FBR failed to achieve the targets fiscal deficit kept increasing. The circular debt from 1.14 Trillion jumped to 1.4 Trillion ($10 Bn). As reported a billion cu feet of gas is stolen each day, how come government has not been able to apprehend gas thieves.No mechanism to control IPP’s, in fact they are controlling 203 million people
In fact it is action replay you are doing what Nawaz Sharif was doing, He was making motor ways by borrowing heavy loans whereas now we find PTI announcing housing schemes for homeless with no money in the kitty. Tall claim of one crore employment has yet to take start, in fact there employees have lost their jobs.There is well known saying cut your coat according to cloth. Drastic cut is needed in non development expenditure. Provincial governments that are under your control behaving as if they belong to oil rich kingdom. Ramadan packages announced cannot be substitute of economic mismanagement
What should be done? Firstly stop sending ministers, MNA’s Senators in talk shows for 6 months. Let your spokesperson speaks once in a month on the questions raised by media and opposition. Let PTI exhibits its performance that should be visible on the ground and not though the media. Form a commission on pay and allowances structure it does not conform to our earnings. Raise minimum salary to Rs 35000. Lastly try to establish rule of law, private schools are not even carrying out orders of the Supreme Court. Whether you like it or not take the opposition on board and work together, if it is not done be prepared for long term agitation. Democracy has failed to provide solution to our problems you may have to look for the alternative to solve the problems of people as it is meant for 203 million people and not for 1200 people to play with the destiny of the people. It is now or never, there is no room for failure.
Sir, irrespective of disappointment people want to see you succeed, they have no option, they are with you, they shall keep supporting, they have great love with you, they know you are honest and sincere, they want relief, they are ready to bear the burden but there is always a limit. They are tolerating your government because they feel and are convinced that there is no other option for them. Mind you if you fail it will be more disastrous for the country, don’t take opposition lightly, they are very strong and you are very weak because you are standing on crutches.

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