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No society can develop sans empowering women: Aamir Sajjad

KARACHI: Syed Aamir Sajjad Senior Director of Dr. Sajjad’s Australian Concept inferlity Medical Center has said, says a Press release.
That no society can develop without empowering women, he was addressing an event in collaboration with Women Chamber of Commerce and Industries Karachi South at Dr. Sajjad Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center regarding International Mother’s Day.
He further said that the institutions headed by women are not only developing, but also the people there are more prosperous and satisfied.
Speaking on this occasion, Farida Qureshi, president of Women Chambers, said that today the capabilities of women are being recognized all over the world.
Member of the National Assembly Shahida Rahmani while speaking said that the women members in the parliament have shown their full potential in making laws.
Tara Uzra Dawood, CEO of Ladies Fund, said that women must be financially independent and empowered.
CEO of a private TV channel, Seema Tahir, while speaking, said that the media played an important role in highlighting women’s issues.
Renowned Gynecologists Dr. Salma Batool Naqui and Dr. Uzma Imran said in their address thatin order to create a healthy society, more work needs to be done on women’s health.
Shimmi Mumtaz Khan, Vice President of Women Chambers, thanked the participants of the event at the end.
Meanwhile, Sidra Shamsa Jabeen performed the duties of hosting the event, on this occasion, shields and certificates were also be distributed among women for their high performance in various departments.

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