Tuesday, May 28, 2024

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NUTECH hosts National Idea Bank Pakistan officials

ISLAMABAD: The National Idea Bank Pakistan (NIBP) team, renowned pioneers in innovation and creative solutions, paid a successful visit to the prestigious National University of Technology (NUTECH). The purpose of the visit was to develop a strong collaborative partnership and foster innovation within the educational ecosystem, says a Press release.
During the visit, key members of the NIBP team engaged in insightful discussions with faculty members and students of NUTECH. The productive exchange of ideas focused on advancing research and development, promoting entrepreneurship, and creating a nurturing environment to harness the potential of young minds.
NIBP representatives shared their expertise and knowledge, underscoring the importance of innovation and its role in addressing societal challenges. By bridging academia and industry, this collaboration aims to create opportunities for student-led ventures and groundbreaking research projects.
National university of technology expressed their enthusiasm over the visit and emphasized on mutual collabration between National Idea Bank and National university of technology to support entrepreneurs and industry.

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