Opposition divided over no-trust move, says Sheikh Rashid

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid on Sunday said that the federal government will provide full security to the long march taken out by the opposition and will not create hurdles to stop the rally.
Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, the interior minister said that on one hand, the opposition wanted to bring a no-trust move but on the other, it wanted to hold a sit-in in Islamabad.
He said the opposition should decide what they want as people are fed up with their drama.
In a comment on the no-trust move, the minister said the opposition was indecisive about the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan. Rashid said they cannot decide whether they wanted to bring a motion against the National Assembly speaker, Senate chairman, Punjab chief minister or the premier.
He claimed there was infighting among the opposition parties over potential “spoils” of the no-trust move. Rashid said the opposition long march has started and “now nine days of the game” are left.
Speaking about the opposition’s efforts to dislodge the government, the minister questioned: “How much trust do opposition leaders have in each other?”
Those who were not willing to see each other’s faces are now meeting in the dead of the night, he added. Rashid said the government fully trusted its allies despite the opposition’s efforts to convince them to support the no-trust move.
The minister informed that he met the Punjab CM and decided that there will be no action against the opposition parties’ long march and the government will “take good care of them”.
He said the opposition was playing a game of kabbadi, adding that the prime minister will win the no-trust move against the opposition and will emerge stronger.
Speaking about the Afghan government, the interior minister said the ruling PTI government will help the Afghan Taliban meet their challenges. A delegation will visit Afghanistan on Monday to discuss ties with the Taliban.
Rashid also said the government will establish 13 passport offices across the country along with 88 new offices of NADRA to facilitate the public.

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