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Over 200 scientific papers produced by Grand Hajj Symposium in 48 years

ISLAMABAD: The Grand Hajj Symposium, as a global Islamic platform, has completed 48 years of continuous contributions by discussing numerous issues of importance to the Islamic world across various fields. Since its inception in 1397 AH, the Symposium has featured more than 200 scientific research papers.
The symposium aims to highlight the cultural and civilizational role of the Kingdom in serving Hajj and pilgrims, and to shed light on the most significant achievements, projects, and ongoing developments in the two holy mosques to serve Muslims.
It has focused on establishing the principle of calm intellectual dialogue on issues concerning the Islamic nation.
According to SPA, more than 1,000 speakers from over 60 countries have participated in its various editions. The symposium aims to foster constructive scientific communication with institutions, academic forums and specialized researchers worldwide, achieving greater integration, brotherhood and acquaintance among members of the Islamic nation.
Additionally, it has opened the door to the future by analyzing the latest issues and contemporary challenges facing the Islamic world. – APP

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