Pakistan Army is our pride.

The Pakistan Army is our pride.

The strength of any country is its people and its army and we are proud of our army. No country can be strong until its economy is strong. In the present era, countries with stable economies are ahead in the world and can grow. No country can make its defence impregnable without strengthening its army.

Although we have made the atomic bomb and in the eyes of the world we are a nuclear power, even to operate an atomic bomb, an army of professionals is needed, which is fortunate. We have had it since then, so appreciate it, countries whose people did not value their army are now forced to live a miserable life under the domination of foreign armies. The army is the front line of defence of any country if any. If a country weakens its front line of defence, it becomes difficult for such a country to survive and protect its people. It is good that our military leadership has tried to correct the mistakes made in the past.

It is not with whom our military leadership is standing, but our main goal should be how successful our military leadership has been in defending the country and how much it can strengthen the defence of the country in the future. Can’t deny, Pakistan Army is not only defending its own country but is with an international peace mission army. Undoubtedly the whole world recognizes the valuable services of Pakistani forces which are no less than an honor for Pakistan and its Pakistani people.

It was the Pakistani army that defeated India in the Indo-Pak War of 1965. In the 1965 war, India attacked from behind in the dark of night. Pakistan Army is confronting India on Siachen, the highest front in the world, India has been interfering in Pakistan since the first day, and it has also admitted to making Pakistan a state in 1971, so far many Indian agents have been arrested, and one of which an example is Kulbhushan Yadav, who is still in Pakistan’s prison, who was arrested red-handed by Pakistani security agencies.

The insidious neighboring country India, which has been engaged in conspiracies against Pakistan for a long time, has once again become active in different parts of Pakistan like the rest of the world against Pakistan and the Pakistan Army. Indian agents are trying to give an impression inside Pakistan and outside the world that the Pakistan Army has looted the country and the entire budget is used by the Pakistan Army, although this is false and misleading. The propaganda is ‘those who have such views cannot be well-wishers of Pakistan’ Indian lobby has been active in conspiracies against Pakistan Army for a long time.

India wants anarchy in Pakistan, civil war and massive bloodshed so that India can invade Pakistan and occupy it, for which it has been longing for a long time, but the fact is that it will never give up on this nefarious plot. I will not be able to succeed because as Muslims we believe that no one can destroy the country that Allah Ta’ala has established. India sometimes tries to fool the simple-minded Baloch people in Balochistan, money is spring-like water to use against Pakistan.

At this time, unfortunately, our political leadership is not on the same page, the rhetoric against the Pakistan Army harms the country, and our political leadership should refrain from giving such statements that create chaos and endanger the integrity of the country. Growing hatred among workers can be a precursor to a big conflict, we need to reduce hatred towards our country, but we are increasing it only for our personal interests which is sad.

Pakistan Army has always made sacrifices, whether it is to protect the borders or public and private property inside the country or to conduct any operation against terrorists, Pakistan has always made sacrifices and stands with its people in difficult times. The country’s economy is suffering from the disaster.

The risk of default has not been averted from the country, and at this time people are disappointed. Due to the failure of the administration, inflation is not being controlled. If the administration is corrected, inflation can be reduced. On the other hand, Pakistan has come close to victory in the Kargil war, but the politician missed that opportunity due to his political immaturity. Such politicians who play with the country’s integrity for their personal interests cannot be well-wishers of the country in any way. An attempt is being made to give the impression to the public that economic conditions are bad because of the army, whereas Pakistan’s economic decline is due to political immaturity and short-sighted politicians.

At this time, the country does not need politicians but the vision of Quaid-e-Azam. In fact, Pakistan Army has played an important role in the development of Balochistan. Through CPEC, China and Pakistan are developing Balochistan more than other provinces. Balochistan was a backward province but it is rich in natural wealth. The misfortune of Balochistan has been that the leadership there has neither established schools for the development of its people nor used its vision to provide them with health and economic facilities, due to which Balochistan is still underdeveloped. The solution to the problems of Balochistan is to give importance to the local people there.