Pak army served the country and earned tremendous respect from public: Tessori

Nuzaira Azam

WASHINGTON DC: “Pakistan’s military is one of the few organized institutions that has served the country and earned tremendous respect from the public,” said Governor Kamran Tessori of Sindh. However, he commented that politicians remain humble to the Pakistani military or establishment when they are in authority but start blaming and defaming the military once they lose control. He was talking to a gathering of leaders of Pakistani political parties in the Metro-Washington area. The U.S. Pakistani American Press Association organized the meeting on Friday, 28th April 2023.
Governor Tessori said that he initiated a program called “Taaqatvar Pakistan,” which delivers food to the homes of unemployed people for six months free of cost until the head of the family gets a job. He believes his administration could control street crimes in a few days if he gets I.G. Sindh to work under his coordination. “There will be no street crime in four days,” He added that he would take responsibility if a crime were committed on the fifth day. Responding to a question about corruption in the Sindh government, he said he had abolished corruption wherever his authority permitted. He also noted that Since taking the oath of office in October 2022, he had organized different sports in Karachi after a gap of 17 years. In addition, he opened the doors of the Governor’s House for Iftar for the public for the whole month of Ramzan and received the people and listened to them. He was positive in saying that a new tradition had started, and he believed that others would also do the same.
He also highlighted some civic problems in Karachi, such as the water trade by the Water Board and price hikes that have devastated people and families. Governor Tessori expressed severe concern over the double standards of education in Sindh. He mentioned that Grammar Schools have excellent facilities for children. At the same time, nearby Peela Schools (commonly known as government schools) lack basic educational facilities and run at the mercy of primarily substandard teachers. As a result, poor children from these schools-some very young-become automobile garage workers, truck cleaners, plumbers, and other unskilled occupations. “We need a national primary education commission instead of an Ehtesab Commission,” he added.
“Pakistan is going through terrible economic and social problems and, even in such worst times, our politicians are involved in the blame game,” Governor Tessori lamented. He wished the politicians would refrain from tactics that stain the country’s name. He lauded the role of overseas Pakistanis, who always helped the country, and urged them to invest in Pakistan.