Pak-China 69 years of diplomatic ties


Pakistan and China have successfully maintained their friendly ties since the establishment of their diplomatic relations. Pak-China friendship is prominent as one of most unique relations in the history of international relations. As they celebrated 69th year of their diplomatic ties in 2020, both state confronted a completely new regional and international scenario with China emerging geo-economically and geo-politically as a major regional power. Pakistan was the first Islamic country second common wealth and third non-communist country to recognize the PRC in 4th January 1950. Pakistan and China diplomatic relationship is consider to be wonderful and a model relationship between the two neighbor countries. On May 21, 1951 Pakistan government recognized formal diplomatic relations with PRC. Pakistan not only itself recognized Chinese people’s government but also made attempts to influence others, especially Islamic countries to recognize China new government. Both have a very flexible development of good neighborly, friendly relations as well as equal valuable collaboration and mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity. In 1951, when China-Pak had established their diplomatic contacts both countries had nothing much common in history, social, cultural and political system. Pakistan had established early diplomatic relations with communist China and Pakistan supported China proposal to the seat in the UNO. After the establishment of diplomatic contact between the two countries in 1951, had developed an all-weather friendship that is based on trust, mutual understanding about all regional and international issues, equality, brotherhood and overall collaboration. China and Pakistan will strengthen mutual support and strategic cooperation. Majority of Chinese and Pakistani are unaware about the historical foundations and genesis of Pak-China friendship. The Symbiotic relationship soon developed into a durable and All-weathers friendship, from last many years China has supported Pakistan economically and strategically. Both are mutual and reliable partners from decades. Over 69 years, our relationship has grown from strength to strength. The 69 anniversary of our diplomatic relations this year is helping in a new era of bilateral ties. Chinese investment in Pakistan increased many fold in key sector including port development, roads, railway, mobile telephones communication, technology, hydro and thermal power energy IT and telecom, power generation, engineering, automobiles, infrastructure mining sector China supported Pakistan in different mega projects including the Gwadar port, Chahsma Nuclear power plant, construction of KKH Makran Costal Highway, Thar Coal project, Jinnah Hydro power project. Earlier the machine tool factory of Karachi and Heavy Mechanical complex at Taxila and lots of other projects were also established with Chinese help.
Both countries have free trade agreements which should be effectively explored for mutual benefits of both friendly nation. We have depended bilateral cooperation in various fields, both country promoted people to people exchange and continued to strengthen the foundation of friendship between the two countries. In the succeeding decades, China and Pakistan have not developed their ties but stood for each other in difficult times. Friendship with china has become the foundation of Pakistan foreign policy. Being a major regional power, China is fully aware about US and Indian hegemonic strategy in the region. It is important for both the states to stick together against Indian and USA activity. China has played a tremendously significant role in building regional stability in South Asia. Pakistan and China have developed an exemplary state to state relationship based on complete trust since the start of diplomatic ties. No doubt, both China and Pakistan have long viewed each other as Iron friends, upgraded their relations to all-weather strategic partnership of cooperation. Strong relations with China have become a corner stone of Pakistan Foreign policy whether it is handled by military elite or political leadership. China and Pakistan traditional friendship has remained and continued to be flourishing in the new era with an upgraded character to a strategic and helpful partnership at global level instead of merely bilateral level preferred. Another unique future in Pak-China relationship is the involvement of common people of both countries along with the leadership in strengthening their mutual ties.
However the relationship between Pak and China does not rest on an ideology, values, history or culture. In its core, it is a strategic relationship of mutual opportuneness whose parameters are largely determined by China. Both countries are also expending in culture linkages through educational sector, think tanks, civil society and media. Both countries have common position on major international and regional issues. A tremendous agreement of worth $69 billion for CPEC is the largest Chinese investment in any foreign countries. CPEC is one of the remarkable example of this partnership, this unique project connects Pak and China only, also connects China to the Sea, the faster and the shorter route for PRC to connect with 60 countries of Asia and Europe land mass. Gwadar port and corridor provide land based security to Chinese maritime activities in this important region. As a point of fact, both Pak and China have a great shared history of common love, respect and cooperation.