Pakistan adjusting to changing world

Prime Minister deserves appreciation for openly snubbing group of EU ambassadors in Islamabad on their demand of condemning Russia for attacking Ukraine. As pointed out by foreign office also this is against diplomatic norms and tantamount to interference in internal affairs of Pakistan. PM raised very valid question while addressing public meeting in Melsi as to why EU ambassadors did not write letter to Modi for the atrocities being committed on unarmed Kashmiris for last so many years.Secondly what is going on in the rest of India Muslims are being attacked and brutally murdered each passing day. Look at the state of affairs in Palestine how Palestinian’s are being killed. Both India and Israel are carrying on greatest human rights violations and no one is bothered including United Nations. The so called champions of human rights are themselves indulging in worst human rights violations. US killed millions of Iraqi’s by telling great lie that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and brought regime change and hanged the legitimate ruler of Iraq mercilessly in mock trial. What US did in Afghanistan on alleged attack on twin towers by Usama Bin Laden.Thousands of innocent people men women and children were killed beside wounding thousands and destroying their infrastructure. Their all actions were blatant human rights violations. Now the world has changed no one can dictate to smaller states, they prefer to lay down their lives instead surrendering their home land. What US did in Syria, Libya it is now part of history. In the present conflict between Russia and Ukraine if US wanted to stop the war he had to say just few words that NATO will not allow Ukraine to join them and vice Versa. The war will be over and Russia will go back. It appears to be deliberate act on the part of US and its Allies to ensure destruction of Ukraine because they openly stated that US and NATO will not interfere and send its forces in Ukraine except arms and ammunition. How Ukraine can fight prolonged war with mini super power. Major cities have been destroyed along with infrastructure and it will take years to repair the damage caused. IK rightly said that all disputes should be resolved through negotiations. The Afghanistan war also came to an end through negotiations between US and Taliban.
It is very strange that IK is being criticised for his visit to Russia, certainly it has added new twist to South Asian geopolitics.IK is the first foreign leader to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin after Russian troops entered in eastern region. This visit has materialised after 23 years and lot of home work was done in planning this visit. Quite naturally Prime Ministers visit is an endorsement of Putin’s action. Top of the agenda was $2.5 billion laying gas pipeline between Karachi and Kasur. This visit has made one thing very clear that Pakistan and Russia are now strategic partners due to shifting of geopolitics of the region. Russia’s main partner has been our traditional enemy India. Relations between India and US has always been a challenge to Pakistan
I have already said that Russia accepted the new geopolitical reality after the dissolution of the USSR.Putin said they have been treating all new post-Soviet states with respect and will continue to act this way. We respect and will respect their sovereignty, as proven by the assistance we provided to Kazakhstan when it faced tragic events and a challenge in terms of its statehood and integrity. However, Russia cannot feel safe, develop, and exist while facing a permanent threat from the territory of today’s Ukraine.
The world is changing fast and therefore new groups are emerging to coup up with the present day requirement. If old friends are not in position to help us it is better for them to leave them to find new avenues. It is no more a secret that Pakistan has changed its group but wants to continue with old partners in their peace efforts but no more partner in war.

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