Pakistan and Iraq bilateral relations

Iraq is diverse country that is located in the Middle East. Iraq borders connects with all Muslims country, Iraq borders Kuwait to the South, Saudi Arabia the South, Jorden the West, Syrian Arab Republic to the Northwest Turkey to the North, and Iran is in side of Iraq East.
Iraq is situated in Western Asia. Iraq has 36 miles 58km of coastline along the Northern end of the Persian Gulf. Iraq capital and largest city is Baghdad, other famous and large cites is Iraq like Mosul, Basra, Erbil, and Kirkuk. Arabic is official language of Iraq but after 2004 Kurdish is also declared as national language of Iraq. The climate of Iraq is mostly desert and as such it has mild winters and hottest summers. The country mountainous regions, however, have very cold winters and mild summers. Iraq has mountains in the north, Plains in the center, the Syrian Desert in the Southwest and marshlands in the Southeast. Pakistan being an Islamic country has always tried to make cordial relations with the Islamic world. In initial stage Pakistan foreign policy was based on brining the Islamic countries together Iraq and Pakistan established diplomatic relations in 1947. Iraq was the first Arab country to recognize Pakistan. After the establishment of diplomatic relations between two brother country, both country signed economic agreement. Pakistan and Iraq joined the Central Treaty Organization in 1955 against Soviet aggression, but in 1959 Iraq withdrew because of military revolution in the country. In 1965 war Iraq supporting Pakistan against India with other Gulf state, but in 1971 war strategy from Iraqi government was totally different. Iraq was the second country and first Arab country to recognize Bangladesh after East Germany in 1972. Iraq continued to maintain strong Defense and economic relations with India. After 1971 war Baghdad friendly ties with India was major concern for Pakistan policy makers.
From 1971 to 1973 relation with Iraq was not good due to the involvement of Iraqi government in internal problems of Pakistan. From 1971 to 1973 Iraqi government developed outstanding relations with India. India Navy established a naval academy in Basra. Another side Pakistan stayed neutral in the Iraq and Iran war from 1980 to 1988. In 1990 Iraq invaded Kuwait due to the increasing political tensions between the two Arab nations. Pakistan endorsed the US led military campaign against Iraq. After 1991 Iraq began building close relations with India. During 2002 Iraq strong support to India over the Kashmir dispute. In reality relation between Iraq and Pakistan was not outstanding. In 2003 Pakistan was opposed to any military action against Iraq. When US troops withdrawal from Iraq both country once again normalized the relation and signed defense treaty in 2013. 2013 known as friendly year between both countries. After 2013 Iraqi government focus on relations with Pakistan. Iraq government considers Pakistan as a Muslim super powers. In 2014 Iraq purchased the Super Mushshak aircraft from Pakistan.26 February 2021 Iraqi Defense Minister visited Pakistan. Both country agreed to promote the future cooperation in economic and defense sector. Foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi openly support for sovereignty, political unity and territorial integrity of Iraq. Pakistan and Iraq enjoy close relations rooted deep in shared faith, values and culture. Hope such type of cooperation in high level visit between two brother country will help for future cooperation in different areas. Peoples to people’s cooperation is very important between Pakistan and Iraq for further understanding.

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