Pakistan and Taliban’s new govt

The course of history was meant to be changed after the earthshaking event of 9/11. Two aircraft shattered the hearts of people with terror after colliding with the twin giant buildings known as the World Trade Center. 9/11 followed the United States intervention – War on Terror – in Afghanistan. The main objective of the US intervention was to destroy Al-Qaeda’s grip on Afghanistan by driving Taliban from power and eradicating terrorism via the war on terror.
After 20 years of war, President Trump decided to withdraw troops from Afghanistan through a peace deal in February 2020 in Qatar. In 2021, the world heard Joe Biden saying, “I refuse to continue a war that was no longer in the service of the vital national interest of our people.” Hence, recently the withdrawal move from the US has once again turned the path for history. Lots of aftereffects and consequences must be seen by the world such as the exodus of Afghani people, the tripling economy of Afghanistan, and the sharia government of the Taliban.
Taliban overtook the Government of Afghanistan as the last US aircraft went out of the Afghan airspace. The excited and happy Taliban were thronging the streets of Kabul, celebrating their victory against the bloody war. The world is keenly observing what is going to happen next in this war-torn country.
In the last two decades, Pakistan has faced thousands of killings because of Indian-sponsored terrorism in Pakistan. Apart from the Afghan people, Pakistan has been the most affected by the Afghan wars. Over the last four decades, our society, politics, and economy have suffered the brunt of these conflicts, beginning with the Soviet invasion in 1979 and continuing with the subsequent US-led military campaign after 9/11.
The world considers Taliban success as Pakistan’s win. To Pakistan Taliban’s regime is of great importance because that is how Pakistan is assured that Afghan soil is not being used by India against Pakistan. Moreover, it seems like the Afghan Taliban will work on infrastructure projects which are beneficial for Pakistan. Pakistan played a constructive role since the beginning of the war. Also, India has suffered a billion-dollar loss as a result of its backing for the US-backed Kabul regime and ghost soldiers. Hence, peace in Afghanistan is important for economic progress in the region.
An impressive number of Pakistanis are considering backing the Taliban government. According to a Gallup Pakistan poll issued last week, 55 percent of Pakistanis prefer an “Islamic government” like the Taliban’s in Afghanistan. Gallup polled 2,170 Pakistanis shortly after the Taliban took over Kabul.
On the other hand, the militant fighters from a Pakistan Taliban group known as the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan are believed to be a great threat to Pakistan and its territory. They are thriving to bring rule according to a strict interpretation of Islamic sharia law in Pakistan. They appear to be planning to reclaim control of the tribal areas, which they lost nearly seven years ago in a major military operation by Pakistan. The Pakistan Taliban are already expanding their influence.
Positive efforts from the Pakistan government can improve the situation. The developed nations of the world are focused on Pakistan to handle this delicate situation correctly. Government officials from various countries are planning to arrive in Islamabad to discuss the aftermath of the Taliban government. The Foreign Minister of the Netherlands met the Foreign Minister of Pakistan. They had a detailed discussion on the following situation such as tackling the Afghan refugees and the evacuation of non-Afghanis from Afghanistan.
The statement of the Netherlands’ foreign minister M.S Sigrid Kaag is quoted as “An inclusive political agreement remains the best chance for a stable Afghanistan and for a sustainable future for all Afghan people, which is also vital for the stability in the region. Minister Qureshi and I have spoken about the important role Pakistan plays in this regard”.
The Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom Dominica Raab was also welcomed in Islamabad to discuss regional security and bilateral relations. In addition, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi visited Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Iran to discuss Pakistan’s position on the Afghan issue. During his visit from 24 August to 26 August, he had interactive sessions on the evolving situation in Afghanistan and on enhancing bilateral relations.
The focal point of the meetings was “enhanced stability, trade, and improved connectivity,” adding that a peaceful and stable Afghanistan is a prerequisite for economic cooperation. Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has announced that Pakistan will provide Rs5 billion in humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.
The instability of the heart of Asia cannot be bearded more by the regional nations neither by the international community. The Taliban should understand that the betterment of Afghanistan lies in the fulfillment of the supreme national interest of the state and the aspiration of people is crucially important.
The United States has called for an inclusive new government in Afghanistan hence Afghanistan should be taken as a “shared responsibility” by the neighboring states. In the process of reconciliation, Pakistan has to make sure its role as the “facilitator”. Afghanistan’s peace and prosperity are believed to be found somewhere in the negotiated political settlement and containment of the continued cycle of civil wars. Last but not the least, engagement of the international community in the Afghan peace process will make the country thrive.
The world has no longer potential to face another 9/11-like event. So, it is better to understand and act rightly on time. Pakistan including the international world has to play its parts positively. The peace in heart of Asia, Afghanistan, will lead to the prosperity of the South Asian region.
According to Pakistan, Afghanistan shouldn’t be ignored, and the Taliban should be given a chance to pursuits of international law by Taliban. If Afghanistan is left alone without the attention of the international community, the consequences will be harsh.
According to Al Qaeda, the victory of the Taliban is a motivation for fighters in Syria and other Islamic lands including the liberation of Kashmir.

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