Pakistan army to attain global peace

Pakistan had returned India’s defeated warrior Abhinandan as a gesture of peace who has now been awarded by India, it is high time that the world should witness the problematic narrative that India has now been building by honoring a namesake soldier who attacked Pakistan and conveniently jumped off the aircraft. If India considers such a man of cruel intentions, attacking a country and then get crushed himself by Pakistan’s advanced defense system, good luck to them.
How on earth a soldier could eject himself in a country he intends to attack staking the honor of his country for his own life? Abhinandan certainly did. The most unfortunate is his utter selfish behavior has now been awarded by the Indian government.
At this stage, India’s utopian ideologies and unrealistic denials should now be addressed before it gets out of hand. The award Captain Abhinandan has received in an organized event is India’s third highest accord to be awarded to a soldier. Ironically, the soldier who had been arrested by the Pakistan army on 27th of February, 2019 for violating the border including two Indian fighter planes shot at sight. The award is a loud admission of self-defeat that is celebrated in India clownishly.
It is tremendous how Pakistan has listed itself in history by crushing a giant that is various times its size. It is as if history has repeated itself as in 1965 India dared to attack Sialkot sector claiming to have a cup of tea in in Lahore the next morning but it turned into a nightmare when Pakistan came into action defending its land more passionately than any of the well-developed countries out there. Pakistan could have accepted China’s offer in 1963 taking Kashmir out right under their noses. But India is a state impregnated with hatred and terrorism, a womb giving birth to selfish motives electing Modi who had assassinated hundreds of Muslims and Sikhs as a prime minister, the one who killed Muslims in Gujrat, hundreds were burnt alive in “Samjhota Express”.
Indian Army has always been a barrier in the way to world peace racially cleansing Muslims in Kashmir by exploitation that defy humanity. How could Pakistan be expected to have friendly relations with a state that reeks of injustice and fraud. Pakistan army has always been positive despite India’s continuous violation of LOC, India had always tried to put Pakistan down but Pakistan Army has brushed their cruel intentions giving them a lesson that it has now become a distinct dream for India to attack Pakistan.
Due to the fact that India is out of guts to attack Pakistan from the frontline its continuous attempts to destabilize Pakistan internally, using the goons sold by RAW sent to Pakistan spreading terrorism but got arrested in retaliation. It is high time world should take notice of India’s ill motives attempting to destabilize neighboring countries investing the tax money on terrorism on the cost of humanity.
Pakistan has played a positive role in Afghanistan and wiped terrorism and its benefactors out of the country proving itself a peaceful nation, Pakistan also played a nonnegligible role in attaining world peace. Pakistan initiated and stood by its “Peace Mission” that America and United Nations had claimed for decades. However, Pakistan has not only been claiming like the namesake democracies but has sent its troops to United Nation’s peace army enlisting its name in golden words in the course of history. Furthermore, Pakistan has always been flexible about religious diversities and minorities are also fully facilitated with religious freedom while minorities are openly bashed in India by the goons of RSS who have been provided the license of racial cleansing of minorities.
Pakistan has been a brand ambassador of peace but it shouldn’t be misinterpreted as weakness. In order to destabilize Pakistan Indian RAW agent Kulbhushan Yadav has blasted various sites and cities in Pakistan especially Baluchistan with a purpose to separate the land from Pakistan. It will always be an unachievable landmark for India and Pakistan’s morale will never subside.
Pakistan has been internationally appreciated for its efforts in the way of humanity letting Kul Bhushan Yadav meet his family while the mere sailors who cross India’s border are returned as a dead body. UN has recognized the role of Pakistan in opening doors to negotiations with Afghan Taliban and settling their major issues with US. Pakistan has borne economic loss for the sake of peace. Pakistan wills to continue its everlasting efforts against all sorts of evils.

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