GUANGZHOU: The Trade and Investment Section of the Consulate General of Pakistan in Guangzhou organised a “Pakistan Mango Festival” for the second consecutive year to introduce Pakistani mangoes and explore markets in Guangzhou, China.
A large number of guests, including Chinese dignitaries, government functionaries, and diplomats from the Consulate General of Malaysia, Belgium and Turkey in Guangzhou, members of civil society, fruit importers, and media persons attended the event.
The participants had a first-hand experience of the taste and aroma of the famous Pakistani mangoes.
On behalf of Muhammad Irfan, Trade and Investment Counsellor of Consulate General of Pakistan in Guangzhou, the acting consul general gave welcoming remarks and shared details of the event, including White Chaunsa.
He said mango, which is the national fruit of Pakistan, is the sweetest one in the world and is called as the king of fruits. This unique variety is introduced to more Chinese people in the southern region of China. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the China-Pakistan diplomatic relationship.
“We wish our friendship is as sweet as our mangoes. Long live Pakistan-China Relationship,” he said. He invited Chinese dignitaries and fellow diplomats to join a cake-cutting ceremony, while the cake which was cooked contained the main ingredient of mango.
The Trade and Investment Section has invited two local social influential persons for online live streaming during the whole event for the first time. Hundreds of people got the chance to see this whole event and see Pakistani mangoes right from their small screens in their hands.
On top of that, the mango selling link was activated during the live steam. As many as 20 boxes of fresh Pakistani mangoes shared by the Trade and Investment Section Guangzhou were sold out in 10 minutes.
The guests who attended the event were entertained and served with slices of fresh Chaunsa, a range of most popular juices and desserts made from mango. – TLTP