Pakistan transforming into self-sufficient

Despite a tendency of price hiking and clamorous behavior of opposition parties, it is a good gesture that the government of Imran Khan is nowemphatically working for the prosperity of our nation and strengtheningthe sovereignty of Pakistan bymakingself-supporting in the field of science and technology as well as other sectors of activities. In the realm of past governments, owing to menace of nepotism, bribery, and corruption causesserious strangulationof merits in every line of business, especially the department of science and technology was remained most vulnerable to this unwanted and exterminating behavior of the authorities, as inference most of the talented human resource left the country and settled in other parts of the world groping better opportunities and irradiant future.
Now it discerns that gradually the circumstances are changing their facet and Pakistan is moving towards a radiant era of self-sufficient.It is a matter of gratified for the nation,after a protracted period of more than seven decades with the effortsof an individual personality to some extent we abandonthe legacy of clumsiness and enter into the pace ofproducingseveralindigenes products i.e.,surgical equipment’s, agriculture-related equipment’sas well as various kinds of contraptions likewise ventilators,intelligent electronic voting machines, from assembling of cars to their local manufacturing including primordial to advance basic research work tofabricateSeattleites of our own. by & large in Transformation of Pakistan the cooperation of our reliable great friendly country China is certainly admirable.
the present government is extending a pivotal role removing impedimentson the pathway of advancedscientific research in thetechnical Institutions and enticing them to play a role in the creation of qualitative human resourceswhich can only perform a critical role in the rise and fall of a nation. Pakistan has already obtained advanced research and production skills in aviation technology of jet fighters, including drones, laser& missiles technology and many sorts of electronic componentssome of themnormally used inan advanced type of machinery,manufacturing of all sorts of modern armaments and also more or less at passably level we acquired the capability of developing our marine technology.
Besidesdiscussed as above the present government has certainly great endeavorsin proliferating skilledworkforce,whom already associated with the research and devolvement organizations;indeed, this skillful manpowerin addition to actively working through a proper mechanism on modern technology,alsosuccessfully habilitatingmany kinds of raw and refined chemical products of high quality whichwere used in producing PVC finished and unfished byproducts and of course,many of these materials areutilized in pharmaceutical industries for manufacturing of even life-saving medicines.
It was unfortunate that in the past regimeskeeping in mind personal gains,deliberately ignoredthese imperative issuesand spend huge exchange of the country on import of such raw materialsandadequate on otherfinished products. While it was an obligation of those governmentsthat keeping in mind the national interests ought to be madeappropriate decisions. If they uprightly pondered upon the necessitates of the nation, perhapsit was not a so convoluted task andverily today we mightsuccessfully attain the required objectives. Now it is hightime to impose a strict embargo on thosemerchandise that is manufactured indigenously.
It was a good sign after more than four decades the seventeenth conference of OIC in which some of the United Nations permanent member countries also participatedthatwasfew days back summoned in Islamabad. Albeit, itis being recognized by many nations of the world as it is a great achievement of PM Khan of Pakistan. Moreover, the initiatives of the PTI Government in terms of entrusting voting rightsto the overseas Pakistanis are also an admirablecreditof Khan.It is a hot discussion among the mentors of our country and they are optimistic that this newly fabricated electronic devicewill successfullyhinder the casting of fake ballots in upcoming general elections.
In additionto the abundanceof other lucrative initiatives,it is also a milestone of the PTI government especially this credit goes to PM Khan who conceived a great idea of billion tress tsunami, through theirpolicy of plantationthey made critical attemptsin protectingecological degradationand some extent strive to dater fast-shrinking forests area of Pakistan.Verily it became a worthwhile projectwhich willin the future duly play a fundamentalrole in the conservationof a fast-degrading environment.
Nevertheless,a survey reveals that the total available land in the rest of the country for plantation of trees is only twenty to thirty percent,whereas low precipitation in maximum places hinders the primordial &secondary stage growth of new cultivated trees. Following the world accepted standardsit is mandatory that the forestsof each country must not be lesser than forty percent of it isentire land. Albeit it is a tale of woe that incontrastto that the existing forest in our country is coveringonly 4.5 percent of it isentire land. Indeed,despite the plantation of billion trees tsunami,it has also become a great dilemma that instead of some improvement gradually with the pace of time the situation is further deteriorating owing toferociously extensive deforestation by the mafias as well as the masses dwellingin the precinct areas of forests for the different usages. it is mandatory to give more attentionto protecting and preventingsuch reckless deforestation on behalf of unauthorized and outlawed proponents.

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