Pakistan: What would it say if it had a voice

I am sure readers would certainly be thinking Pakistan is a country on the world map, an independent sovereign state with over 220 million people, has one of the finest and well trained professional army, its intelligence agency amongst the first 10 intelligence agencies of the world and enjoys unique position, besides it is the only Muslim country in the world that has nuclear capability. With all these positive proven indicators how Pakistan a full-fledged country gets disillusioned and for what? To understand all this it is very important to know who am I? It is also a fact that majority of the people know me but there are people who knowingly disown me and intentionally ignore me and fail to recognise me. Today I want to disclose my identity, who am I and what I do where I live. Listen everybody my name is PAKISTAN.
I belong to poor family background. I was born on 14 August 1947 but my elders were struggling and fighting for my name many years before my birth. There were great celebrations on my birth and tall promises were made in my name. My elders had great expectations from me and hoped that I shall be looked after well and proper. Now I am fully grown and have completed 75 years of my birth. These 75 years have been very painful, during these years was tortured suffered a lot, have plenty of secrets carrying in my heart, it is a very long woeful tale. I was attacked many a times but survived, there were day light robberies, was looted beyond any proportion. On my name I was humiliated, the greed cut me to half. But to everybody’s surprise I faced all these years very boldly. Having lost half of my body I managed to survive with left over half wounded body. With half burnt have spent 51 years hoping that good sense will prevail and every one will have pity on me. Sorry to say it was all disappointment but was determined to fight and make no hue and cry whatsoever and continued my fight and struggle for 75 years. Opened my heart for everyone, accommodated every one, people all around behaved like leeches and kept sucking my blood and still sticking on and sucking my left over blood and in process have gained lot of weight. Some are lying in VIP wards. I am being deprived of my wealth. I never begged but now have been turned into a beggar. They kept filling their safe, kept transferring looted money in foreign banks, remained silent, never interfered, at times was openly insulted but kept quiet. Still sticking with my body so that whatever little blood is left it should also be sucked. But let me warn them all it will now be resisted with full force. You merciless people remember if any harm comes to me your existence will also vanish
Look at the other side of border see what is happening, people are being slaughtered openly, shop keeper cannot open his shop, children cannot go to school, people are not allowed to offer prayers etc. Be watchful about the dangers looming over our heads, just imagine if this is happening to our children. Still time to wake up and come to senses. Love each other, do justice, consider ever one as your own brother, leave the rivalries, personal enemities and prove it to the world that you love me. Don’t put me in shame in front of my elders who sacrificed everything for me
Have you ever pondered over my sacrifices. I gave you everything, in return what have you given me, just think. Let me recount what I did for you. Gave you fertile lands, fields that grow gold for you, oil wells, gave sea, canals and huge mountains. Expensive bullet proof limousines, huge palaces to live, deployed security guards for your protection. Think over it who gave you all this. If I was not there you would have never been in this position, nobody would have owned you recognised you. Now I am fed up can no longer tolerate any nonsense. Have lost patience to see that ordinary people are not getting even clean drinking water and some drink imported water. Ordinary people die without getting any medical treatment, no facility of treatment, no schooling for children, no jobs but on contrary special people being paid in millions.
No one ne can harm me now have made adequate arrangements. Now it is time you have to change yourself. I have tolerated you too much now there is no possibility of any more concession whatsoever. You know it very well, have never bothered you but there is no justification on your part to show any hatred towards me. I have done nothing wrong with you. It is very strange, you live here, eat here but not willing to accept my favours. Don’t do this, knowing well that you have been given everything, still busy in looting me, but you still praise the enemies. Why should you do all this? Have you ever thought about it how much I feel hurt. Let me make this clear in simple words you may plan anything, join hands with the enemies, but you can bring no harm to me. As a final warning it must be very clearly understood by you if you do not stop maltreating me, respect me, then don’t blame me once I turn my face your all efforts of appeasement shall fail. Don’t play with my destiny, stop makng fun of me, own me, and own me I am your Pakistan.