Pakistani student wins Paul Heim Education Award


KARACHI: Ahmad Mohsin, Pakistani student, received the Paul Heim Education Award from the Lincoln’s Inn Society UK, to study the specialized courses of human rights law at Oxford University, says a Press release.
Promising Pakistani student Ahmed Mohsin has made Pakistan, reputed all over the world by receiving the Paul Heim Education Award from Lincoln Inn Society, UK. He is the only student from all over the world to receive this award this year. He has been awarded the award on the basis of his skills, abilities and qualifications.
Ahmad Mohsin has started studying specialized course of human rights law at Oxford University with the money granted from the award. Ahmad Mohsin is the promising son of Pakistan’s renowned Sufi scholar Shaykh Muhammad Mohsin Munawar Yousafi. He holds a Bachelor of Law from Liverpool, a Master of Law from University.