Palestinian issue: We must not neglect

Genocide is much talked word today. Let us first understand what does it mean. It came in prominence in 1945.
Genocide is the intentional destruction of a people in whole or in part. The world at large and specially United Nations has failed miserably to stop the genocide going on in Palestine Gaza by Israel where at least 30000 people mostly infants and children have been killed besides injuring thousands. Approximately 1.5 million people have been displaced. Houses multi-story buildings, hospitals and infrastructure has been destroyed and raised to ground. Uninterrupted bombing missile attacks are going on since 7 October 2023, the world continues watching the brutalities against Palestinians as silent spectator. Condemnation from various countries pouring in on regular basis but without any discourse. The world’s highest court (ICJ) has ordered Israel to prevent genocide of Palestinians in Gaza strip. This order is incomplete, it is an eye wash, imagine the words “Israel to prevent” why not stop bombing. The order should have been to the point and specific that no more bombing of Gaza strip and immediate ceasefire. In response to ICJ orders Israel has increased air raids and missile attacks and genocide is going on unchecked. Since Israel is disciple of US therefore the world not pushed. Passing of resolutions, showing concerns, condemning Israel tantamount to crying crocodile tears as such acts fail to provide any relief whatsoever, instead attacks on unarmed civil population going on without any break.Lawyers at the Center for Constitutional Rights stated that Israel’s tactics were “calculated to destroy the Palestinian population in Gaza”, and warned the Biden administration that “U.S. officials can be held responsible for their failure to prevent Israel’s unfolding genocide, as well as for their complicity, by encouraging it and materially supporting it. On 1 November, the Defense for Children International accused the United States of complicity with Israel’s “crime of genocide. Israel’s evacuation order was characterized as a forcible population transfer
Question arises who is responsible of the plight of Palestine. Israel is certainly usurper, illegal occupier and biggest enemy of Palestine, his success can easily be attributable to full support of the 535 congressman of the United States of America that acts as a shield and has armed her with most sophisticated weapons and continues to support her aggressive policies against Palestine without any fear and accountability. But, I think it is all the Muslim Countries who are collectively responsible for the destruction and killing of innocent people of Palestine. Muslims all over the world specially countries bordering Palestine are mainly responsible, they are insensitive and coward. The leaders of Muslim world if are really sincere with Palestine they should have immediately expelled Israel ambassadors from their countries as has been done by South Africa and some countries of South America. Secondly all Muslim countries should ban use of their air space by Palestinians airlines. Till such time Muslim countries don’t take such constructive measures Israel will continue killing Palestinians. Imagine a small country being hit by missiles and bombs on daily basis no one is moved including United Nations. It is learned in view of ICJ verdict rejecting Israel stand UN Secretary General is calling another session to discuss the issue. Throughout the world just look at the conflicts anywhere it is Muslims all over who are being killed? Has Muslim countries ever thought about it as to why every time it is always these Muslims who are killed round the clock. It is only unity of Muslims that can prevent killing of Muslims in the world and genocide in Gaza strip, all other steps shall prove to be counterproductive