Paradigm shift from Kabul to Gaza


Israeli attack is really significant because for the past few years there was not any new development in that region which would ensue this bloodshed. This issue is hundred years old when the British after the fall of Usmania Khilafat brought Jewish settlers to Palestine from different parts of the Arab world. The British settled them in the heart of Middle East. and then after World War II’s the Holocaust, the Americans and Britishers decided to bring these people to keep the Middle East at unrest through these notorious jews. If you look at the Kashmir issue you see also the brits were responsible for the conflict to keep the subcontinent at unrest.
But the interesting thing is this that the main issue that disturbs the region as well as the world is the Afghan conflict. The US was preparing to exit Kabul by September 2021 but suddenly they adopted the policy of going slow. And the entire Paradigm shifted to Middle East. before this issue It looked as if Kabul, taliban and Islamabad are coming on one page. But now once again the confrontation has started. 2 days ago when Bajwa met Ghani in Kabul he crudely gave Bajwa the message that Islamabad is completely behind the recent taliban aggression. Even the sources tell that Bajwa admitted that one section still supports taliban school of thought. and now my observation is that the Ghani government once again requested Washington to retain their troops in Kabul.
It is now an open secret that if the US completely exit Kabul, the civil war will erupt disturbing the whole region. So all the players especially Beijing, Tehran, Jeddah, Islamabad and even Moscow also prefer the status quo. for us this brutal killing in Gaza is condemnable on the humanitarian ground but the actual issue in this region is Kabul which has been bleeding for the past four decades.