Past regimes fortified nepotism in the garb of merit, says Buzdar


LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar said that past governments encouraged nepotism in the garb of merit and set records of exhibitory projects along with promoting the culture of corruption, intimidation and commendations.
In a statement, he said that exhibitory projects proved proverbial ‘white elephants’ as these schemes were started without a prudent approach which resulted in burdening the exchequer. These projects failed to provide any substantial relief or benefits to the people, he continued and regretted the past governments’ policies exhausted the exchequer and people faced the consequences.
On the other side, the incumbent government has launched projects according to genuine public needs and identification of priorities, he maintained. The chief minister said the public representatives were also consulted and the wrong tradition of the one-man show had been done away with. Similarly, ministers were powerful and every job was done with due deliberation, he added.
Meanwhile, the looters’ attempt to hide behind the PDM, for saving their ill-gotten money, has been frustrated. He mentioned that the parties included in the PDM had minted money through corruption in their respective tenures and people now demand from the past rulers to give details of the money spent on various exhibitory projects.
These elements were not only looters but answerable to the people, he emphasized. The incumbent government was the most transparent government in the history of Pakistan as nothing wrong has been allowed, he said.
The foundation of new Pakistan has been laid under the leadership of PM Imran Khan and the country was moving in the right direction, he added. – NNI