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PDM 16 months – Khaqan Abbasi spills the beans!

History is replete with many examples where some leaders belonging to different political parties including dictators openly differed with their leaders and criticized their actions and policies and had the courage and guts to defend themselves. However, they suffered badly. To recall Gen Sahibzada Yaqoob Khan Commander Eastern wing opposed military action in East Pakistan and advised Gen Yahya to resolve the issue through negotiations with Awami League of Shaikh Mujib ur Rahman but he did not bother and removed him from command. It ended up not only with loss of East Pakistan but suffered humiliation while ordering Gen Niazi to surrender before Indian Commander and our eastern wing became Bangladesh and appeared on world map as independent sovereign state. Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto tortured his founding member J.A. Rahim and put him in jail. There is long list of rulers who indulged in brutal actions against their own leaders and adversaries but never learned any lesson. Still some politicians stand firm on their principles and never compromise and prefer going to jail.
The nation is proud of former prime minister of Pakistan and leader of PML N Shahid Khaqan Abbasi who spoke his mind and heart right at the floor of the House on the last day of the dying assembly along with Khursheed Shah former leader of the opposition a PPP parliamentarian both acknowledged the fact that their government (PDM) has failed on all fronts. It is not first time that Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has criticized his own party’s government he has been very vocal throughout his political life, at the same time criticized Imran Khan for creating a confrontational politics and causing political instability in the country all along his tenure of over three years. He criticized the coalition government for passing hastily without discussion legislation especially pertaining to setting up large number of universities till last day as an embarrassment for the government. He also criticized the speaker for not blocking the passage of bills being passed without discussion. The people who watch TV must have observed the pronounced absence of legislators and incomplete quorum of the house that called for adjournment of the house by speaker, but he became party in giving safe passage to bills with only few members present in the house against law and constitution. Former prime minister was justified when he criticized PTI and his own PDM government in ignoring people’s problem as they were interested in doing legislation that suited to their own benefits and declared that 5 years’ term of PTI and PDM has been the worst in the political history of Pakistan. He rightly said nation must have taken sigh of relief getting rid of this government who failed to deliver. Whatever Khaqan Abbasi stated on the last day on the floor of the assembly distinguishes himself being perhaps the only mature politician from the present lot to speak the truth nothing but the truth. His statement must have shocked the PDM especially PML N now stand exposed by their own senior leader which otherwise was never a secret. This certainly is moment of pride for the nation to hear naked truth about political culture of Pakistan from a seasoned politician, it is true that no bill involving people welfare was ever introduced in the assembly in 16 months. Let us briefly go over performance of previous government spread over 16 months. As a matter of fact, farewell speech of former prime minister Khaqan Abbasi on the floor of the house where he declared worst government in the history of Pakistan requires no more comments and analysis but for people who missed their misrule shall briefly touch few points of both PTI and PDM government coalition of 13 parties.
IK spent his energies in criticizing previous government of NS and calling Nawaz and Zardari as “Choor” unnecessarily wasted his time where as it should have been left at the courts to decide their fate. Secondly he is blamed for economic meltdown due to back tracking the agreement signed with IMF thus bringing the country at virtual default. Thirdly there have been massive corruption during his tenure. Terrorists groups were shown leniency thus putting security of the country under danger. Blaming establishment and US interference in his removal and cypher matter handled poorly and rest is history, his removal during hours of darkness through alleged managed vote of no confidence he called PDM as imported government. Lastly what happened on 9 May 2023 after the arrest of IK some protesters turned wild and attacked some military installations. Normally protesters burn government buses damage private and public properties but it was departure from past political protests where army installations were attacked set on fire including Jinnah House in Lahore for which there was no justification. However, to control this ugly situation the SC ordered release of IK by setting aside order of IHC. What happened after that is painful history of Pakistan.
On the other hand, PDM government in response to his narrative always declared PTI government as selected government alleged to have been installed by establishment. PDM also built up narrative that IK illegally sold gifted watch after receiving at lower price from Toshakhana in which he has recently been sentenced 3 years’ jail and disqualified for 5 years. TTP was allowed concessions as a result they conducted terrorist attacks against Pakistan. Blaming establishment and cypher that brought regime change. Pakistan economy was destroyed by IK by breaking IMF agreement to create problems for PDM government and bringing Pakistan to nearing default. Lastly cypher was a drama. But, latest report on cypher by Intercept speaks the fact need not to be repeated here that cypher was a reality as demarche was issued after National Security Committee meeting presided over by former PM Imran Khan. What is intercept? The Intercept is an on line American nonprofit news organization that publishes articles and podcasts. Question arises why IK did not strongly condemn the 9 May incident when it came to his knowledge and took 10 days to condemn the incident that too with if’s and but’s. Had he done that earlier things would not have taken that ugly turn
We have wasted 75 years while blaming and filing cases against each other and dragging them in the courts but never bothered to give relief to 70% of population in providing them with basic facilities living under extreme poverty. Even today we are without clean drinking water, no proper health facilities, no education for poor, no power, no gas and no jobs. Elite, government servants at all levels enjoying their life living in palatial houses with shofar driven cars with security guards protecting them and their families round the clock. Courts not administering proper justice, an ordinary person just cannot afford to go to the court being time consuming and expensive. Amidst this situation caretaker government have been installed. Their main task is to hold elections in 90 days, but ECP has shown his inability to hold elections in 90 days, where as there is no provision in the constitution that apparently is dysfunctional since 14 May. Decisions are only acceptable if in party’s favor. All institutions have collapsed. Majority of the country’s assets have been sold under the cover of privatization and outsourcing. To pay off interest on loans we are begging for more loans under tough conditionality of IMF but no austerity measures are visible. Polarization is at the peak, people protesting due to uncontrollable inflation which is all time high, rupee devaluation forcing industries being shut down. Mass scale arrests of PTI protesters and workers by police and torture as being shown on the social media is a matter of great concern. We all have to realize the grave situation prevailing in the country, only collective wisdom in sitting down and engage in negotiation including PTI that is now most popular party of Pakistan is perhaps the only option to steer the country out of present crisis, any other option shall prove to be counter productive.

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