Peaceful China fruitful contribution in Afghanistan

After 1st October 1949 communist revolution the role of Peoples Republic of China is unique and surprised for international community. How, when and why China grow in unique way and China shining development is example for the rest of the world. China relations with neighbors is clear example of Peaceful cooperation in front of us. China shares land borders with 14 countries. The neighboring countries of China are Afghanistan, Vietnam, Bhutan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Laos, North Korea, Mongolia, Nepal and Myanmar. China relationship with its neighbors is very relax and peaceful. Afghanistan and China share a 74km border along the remote Wakhan Corridor that separates Tajikistan from Pakistan, a narrow strip of land extending about 350 km from the far Northeastern Afghan Province of Badakhshan to China Muslim region of Xinjiang. China and Afghanistan relations is very important in changing pattern of regional politics, both state relations evolved over time and is influenced by various factors, including political, economic, security and regional considerations, under the current situation China position is very clear about Afghanistan issue. China respects the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Afghanistan, respects the independent choices made by the Afghan people, and respects the religious beliefs and national customs of Afghanistan.
China stand is different towards Afghanistan as compared to USA. China as responsible power always respect the independence sovereignty and territorial integrity of Afghanistan. China never interferes in domestic affairs of Afghanistan. China welcome Afghan participation in Belt and Road project. China calls on the international community to firmly support Afghanistan fight against main challenges. After 20 years of USA war in Afghanistan is example and lesson for the rest of regional US supporter how USA used spoiled the land and resources of Afghanistan and how USA occupied independent and sovereign state from last 20th years. China has maintained diplomatic relations with Afghanistan and has been actively involved in regional and international effort to promote peace, stability and reconciliation in Afghanistan. China will continue to do its best to help Afghanistan with reconstruction and development, make plans with Afghanistan and fulfill its assistance pledges, promote steady progress in economic, trade and investment cooperation, and actively carry out cooperation in such fields as medical care, poverty alleviation, agriculture, and disaster prevention and mitigation, so as to help Afghanistan realize independent and sustainable development at an early date. China welcomes Afghanistan’s participation in Belt and Road cooperation and supports Afghanistan’s integration into regional economic cooperation and connectivity that will transform Afghanistan from a “land-locked country” to a “land-linked country”. Afghanistan in countering terrorism resolutely and forcefully. Security is the foundation and prerequisite of development. The East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) is a terrorist organization listed by the UN Security Council and designated by the Chinese government in accordance with law. The ETIM forces in Afghanistan pose a severe threat to the security of China, Afghanistan and the region. China hopes that Afghanistan will fulfill its commitment in earnest and take more effective measures to crack down on all terrorist forces including the ETIM with greater determination, and earnestly ensure the safety and security of citizens, institutions and projects of China and other countries in Afghanistan. China calls on the international community to firmly support Afghanistan’s fight against terrorism, separatism and extremism and its active measures to cut off the channels of terrorist financing, to counter recruitment and cross-border movement of terrorists and the spread of violent terrorist audio and video materials, to contain extremism, youth radicalization and the spread of terrorist ideologies, and to eliminate sleeper cells and terrorist safe havens. It is a widely-held view in the international community that, by seizing Afghanistan’s overseas assets and imposing unilateral sanctions, the US, which created the Afghan issue in the first place, is the biggest external factor that hinders substantive improvement in the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan. The US should draw lessons from what happened in Afghanistan, face squarely the grave humanitarian, economic and security risks and challenges in Afghanistan, immediately lift its sanctions, return the Afghan overseas assets, and deliver its pledged humanitarian aid to meet the emergency needs of the Afghan people. In the time of Covid-19 China was the first country to donate $30 million in aid to Afghanistan to support its fight against Covid-19. China has been involved in various diplomatic efforts aimed at promoting peace and stability in Afghanistan, such as participating in peace talks and supporting Afghan-led reconciliation efforts.
Hopefully Chinese positive contributions to helped the poor country to strengthen regional cooperation and connectivity.