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People bus service

Ambreen Fatima

Sindh Government launched Peoplle Bus Service with modern Diesel Hybrid electric buses in Karachi and Larkana to provides sustainable and modern facility to the people of karachi and larkana. Test run of the service was conducted successfully on 4.06.2022 on designated (Routed-1) in Karachi. On 27.06.2022 people bus service was formally inaugurated by Minister Foreign Affairs /Chairman of Peoples Party Mr. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari in Karachi route Model Colony to tower. Second test drive was successfully conducted in larakana on 20.06.2022. These fully furnished air conditioned buses start perform basis from 21st June on its route (Route-1) from bus terminal to Quaid-e- Awam UET at airport road. It will cover areas of Shaikh Zaid hospital Sindh University Campus, IBA School colony, Chandka Medical College, High Court, SSP Office Shah Nawaz Library and other nearby areas in larkana.
Sindh Mass Transit Authority, TMTD, Gos is running sustainable Bus service to provide people of Sindh a safe comfortable and affordable Journey towards a Prospering future. Buses are facilitating 31 passenger’s including two seats for the disable, while there is space for up to 80 Passenger’s. Seats are also reserved for persons with disabilities and women on buses under the same project.
The provincial Government has also decided to these buses in Hyderabad Sukkur, Mirpur Khas, and Shaheed Benazirabad routes the Government will affordable and economical fares for bus service ticket. For the first time SMTA Intra-city public Transport has been successfully operated and is flowing at great speed. Due to the positive response, fame and forceful demands of people, more routs will be added in future. Clifton, defence and Gulshan e Hadeed are now being considered as the areas where the new routes shall be added along with the previous routes not only in Karachi but the routes are also considered to be increased in Larkana. Forceful demands of people, another successful test drive was conducted in Karachi metropole to sea view on 07.07.2022.
Total 250 buses were procured for this service, out of which 240 will be used for Karachi on (7) seven different routes of the metropolis and 10 buses for Larkana in first phase. There are (6) six depot’s for buses. (5) Five in Karachi and (1) one in larkana the people’s bus service separate from the network of bus rapid Transit (BRT) lines. The Sindh Government will provide every person living in an urban area with adequate access to safe affordable and accessible public transport therefore more than 4 billion rupees allocation for procurement of buses has been made in budget 2022-23. 120 busses reached in Karachi out of 250 buses those will run (7) seven deferent routes in Karachi and (6) six Modern buses part of first tranche successfully and safely reached Larkana Sindh citizens will be able to benefit from modern urban transport with comfort and at economical costs. This service also provides uniforms to conductors and Drivers and it has also been strictly forbidden for any driver or conductor to take any kind of drug or stimulant. The ticket system has also been made easier for the people. People bus service run on following roads
Karachi Routes :- These buses will initially operate on route 1 (29.5 kms- model Colony to tower) via Malir Halt, Colony Gate, Nata Khan Bridge, Drigg Road Station, PAF Base Faisal, Laal Kothi, Karsaz, Nursery, FTC, Regent Plaza, , Metropole, press club,shaheen complex and aram Bagh.
Karachi Route 2. (32.9 km) North Karachi to Indus Hospital via Nagan Chrowangi, Shafiq Morr, Sohrab Goth, Gulshan Chrowangi, NIPA, Johar Morr, COD, Drigg Road Station, Colony Gate, Shah Faisal Colony, Singer Chrowangi and Landhi Road.
Karachi. Route 3. (33 km) Nagan Chrowangi to Singer Chrowangi: via Anda Morr, North Nazimabad Town, KDA Chrowangi, Nazimabad Town, Liaqatabad 10 number, Eissa Nagri, Civic Centre, National Stadium, Karsaz, Nursery, FTC, Korangi Road and KPT Inerchange and Shan Chrowangi.
Karachi Route 4. (30.4 km) North Karachi to Dock Yard: via University Road Link Road, Motorway M-9, Al-Asif Square, Ayesha Manzil, Federal B Area, Liaqatabad 10 Numbers, Lalu Khait, Guru Madir, Society Chrowangi, Empress Market, Sindh High Court, Art Council, I.I Chundrigarh Road and Tower.
Karachi Route 5. (28.2 km) Surjani Town to Masroor: via New Karachi, Shafiq Morr, KMDC, Ziauddin Chrowangi, KDA Chrowangi, Musa Colony, Mangopir, Site Area and Gulbai.
Karachi Route 6. (29.6 km) Gulshan-e-Bihar Oragni to Singer Chrowangi: via Orangi Town, Banaras, Paposh Nagar, SITE Area, Golimar, Garden, PIB Colony, Jail Chrowangi, Bahadurabad and Shan Chrowangi.
Karachi Route 7. (28.9 km) Mosamiyat to Baldia Town: via Gulzar-e- Hijri, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Federal B Area, North Nazimabad, Orangi Town and Qaddafi Colony.
Larkana Route (5.97 km) Larkana Bus Terminal to Larkana Junction: via Indus Highway, 7 Naka Bridge, Gharib Nagar, Naudero Chowk, Shahi Bazaar, Ansari Mohalla and Station Road.
In Second Phase buses will on six other routes in Karachi, other routes include the area’s from north Karachi to Indus Hospital (Korangi) distance 32.9 km, Nagan Chowrangi to Singer Chowrangi ( Korangi industrial Area ) 33-km Mosoizat to Dockyard 25.9 km, Surtani town to PAF Masroor 28.2 km and Gulshan-e- Bihar (Orangi Town ) to Singer Chowrangi 29 km.
33 kms starting from Nagan Chowrangi via North Nazimabad Town. Civic Center, National Stadium, KPT Interchange ends at Singer Chowrangi in route 4 in Karachi starts from Mosimiyat University Road, Motoway Ma, Ayesha Manzil, Laal Kothi , Guru Madir, Empress Market, Sindh High Court, 1.1 Chandigarh Road end at dockyard
In Larkana these buses will operate on 10.3kms route starting from Larkana bus terminal to Larkana Junction via Indus highway.

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