Perfection an illusion

The idea of something being perfect is an illusion. The idea of perfection can really trammel us from the feats and triumphs. If we are always waiting to reach perfection, we will never be happy. Rather we should shoot for excellence and flamboyance and not perfection.
Perfection is an impeccable state where everything is unerringly accurate. Since perfect things are without faults or flaws. So how can we even think of being Perfect? We always bust a gut to “Perfect” ourselves, but we don’t have a hunch of this thing that perfection would ever try to perfect the imperfect. A perfect life has many phenomenal essences to each and every individual. It can be perfection in things we do; it can be having everything perfect around and feeling perfect. We have this pipe dream about everything…. Perfect life, perfect relationships, perfect career, and perfect amount of money that we need to earn, no matter what.
Do you really feel these things make us perfect? This question here is very abstruse because, not just are there a multifold perspectives but a numerous amount of people are having the same musing about Real Perfection. In short, this word Perfection blow hot and cold with the dogmas of faith.
Nothing is perfect in this world. We all are perfectly imperfect, and that is perfectly agreeable. We were sent in this universe not to become the perfect people, but to accept our imperfections and to work out on them. Acceptance of our faults takes us pretty near in changing them, may be not an about turn transfiguration, but at least a step closer to perfection. So we need to brush up ourselves from dawn to dusk.
A perfect human being is someone who educates himself every day to become a better person, a perfect person is someone who accepts the flaws and tries to improve every single day, someone who lives his life to the chock- full and tries to poke out to the people as much as possible. Don’t perfect yourself just because other people want you to be perfect.
Those people who tell you how to look perfect, even those people are imperfect. Just prick up ears, hang on the words that, “You don’t have to look good for people.” You don’t have to be perfect just because other people want you to be perfect. If your soul is spick and span from inside and your intent is un-blurred. This is all what one should yen and this is all what one should have eyes for.
When you make someone grin like a Cheshire cat, when you bash to do something up to snuff for the people around you, when you don’t have time to bust someone’s chops, when you go through someone’s throes and woes; those things will make you an unfeigned Perfectionist. Then see how these deeds will hook up you with people and will perk up your life. Thus have a profound thought about these idiosyncrasies and pull out all the stops to run after imperfections rather than running after being perfect.

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